It’s Official! British Dietetic Association Backs Veganism!

by | November 29, 2017

Today, in a landmark decision. The British Dietetic Association admitted that plant based diets are the healthiest!

In what will be hailed as the future of eating, business green reported that their decision made today, will affect how patients are treated. Which plant-based diets being recommended as a means to cut the carbon impact that ones diet has on the environment. While the medical association has always tried to find ways to give advice based on how nutritious and healthy it is for us, they now will take into heavy consideration how our diets will affect the world around us also.

The British Dietetic Association (DBA) has said that will mean, less red and processed meats, which is in agreement with the World health Organizations (WHO) findings. And replacing those with more plant-based foods. People will be encouraged to up their intake of sustainable foods instead, such as fruits and vegetables.

“The British Dietetic Association believes the profession should be leading discussions on how our food behaviors can affect both health and the environment,” the new policy reads. “Health and sustainability can go hand in hand and there are a great many win-wins that can be achieved, and dietitians are in a strong position to combine healthy eating messages and sustainable diet advice, and support consumers to take action.”

With more and more people opting for a plant based lifestyle, with groups such as ‘Ask A Vegan Dietitian’ on Facebook, and growing parents groups such as ‘Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting’ dedicated to veganism, it’s no wonder that the masses are demanding our healthcare professionals make decisions based on what it healthier, as opposed to what was just standard and outdated advice. With reports, that children who are raised on a vegan diet, are healthier than their meat eating peers. It doesn’t come as much surprise that veganism is growing at such a rate.


In the last few days, more and more companies have come forward, such as Pizza Hut, and LUSH, who said they are planning on moving more towards plant based products, and in LUSH’s case, towards an all vegan company. 

“I am really pleased to publish this important policy document,” said Sandra Hood, a British Dietetic Association dietitian who led the team responsible for the change. “Sustainability and the environmental impact of the food we eat is an important and complex issue, so it is really positive to have a clear position from the BDA. We believe dietitians should use their skills in interpreting and translating the latest evidence and expertise to promote and explain sustainable diets to the public, and where appropriate, to patients.”

Rejoice! We’re moving towards a more vegan world!


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