Goodfella’s to Release New Frozen Pizza with Vegan Cheese

by | March 22, 2019

Following the success of their last vegan pizza which launched back in 2018, Goodfella’s have taken another step forward in releasing more vegan-friendly options to the public. This time, with “cheese”. Are you excited? Because I am.

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Goodfella’s to Release New Frozen Pizza with Vegan Cheese

Goodfella’s is an Irish frozen pizza brand which has surged in demand in the UK, standing behind Chicago Town frozen pizza as far as popularity goes. Last year, the brand put out their first ever vegan pizza, one topped a small array of vegetables along with falafel and a hummus drizzle. Sounds delicious, right? Unfortunately, there was no cheese. The brand will be changing that with their new pizza whose arrival will be here in no time.

To be introduced in Tescos over the next few weeks, this new vegan pizza named “spicy vegetable salsa” features what we all look for in a superb pizza- vegan cheese. With spicy tomato sauce, vegan cheddar, bell peppers, black beans, red onion, sweet corn, salsa, and spiced crumb, this pizza is everything we didn’t know our hearts yet desired. Only needing about 20 minutes to achieve ultimate cheesiness, it leaves you the perfect amount of time to put together a colorful side salad to eat along with it. The pizza has a fairly low price point, it will be sold at £2.50 per pizza.

Frozen vegan pizzas are something that I’m proud to say I live in the era of. With brands such as Daiya, Amy’s Kitchen, Ian’s, and BOLD organics already having frozen vegan pizzas on the market, veganism becomes more accessible to all. The price points of vegan frozen foods whether it be pizza, veggie patties, and even frozen vegetables is low enough where it isn’t seen as a luxury, like a hot, vegan pizza straight out of Domino’s oven might seem to some. Unfortunately for Americans, the pizzas will only be available for sale in the UK however there are still many options in the states. Here’s to hoping that Goodfella’s will continue to make vegan comfort food more accessible by introducing even more vegan options in the future!

What is your favorite vegan frozen pizza? Will you be trying Goodfella’s when it comes out? Let me know in the comments below.

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