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In the Talk of the Town: Newbie Vegan Products Launched Last Week.

by | March 21, 2019

A lot of newborns hit the shelves every month in the vegan cards. Some are commercially billion-worth, whereas some a wish-come-true to an anticipating vegan. Either way, amidst criticisms and receptions, we’ve seen the graph of vegan product launch soring and not dwindling at any cost. Raise Vegan has reported some of the majors. Here’s a recollection of the recent launches in the market (edible products), in a nutshell. Read on.

Top 7 Vegan Food Product Launches

1. Qwrkee Dairy-free Pea Milk

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Vegan milk is savored. Sometimes by non-vegans as well. They offer an excellent balance of nutrients and taste. Qwrkee, the vegan brand has launched its vegan pea milk and the product has been made available to buy in the Whole Foods Market stores and via Amazon in the UK. The company whose claim is to ‘bring plant-based tasty nutrition without any compromise,’ offers the product at a retail tag of £3.00 per carton of one liter. The brand is also offering a 20% discount on subscription. The pea milk, as per the company is high in protein and Omega 3 along with Vitamin B12, B2, D, A, and calcium, phosphorus, iron, and fiber. It is as good as dairy milk. The milk is carbon-footprint friendly as the pea milk has 90 percent lower carbon footprint than dairy milk. Buttermilk’s Choc orange and Choc Honeycomb

2. Buttermilk’s Choc orange and Choc Honeycomb

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Buttermilk has expanded its range of dairy-free chocolate Easter eggs. The plant-based goodness, free from artificial flavors and colors retails at a price tag of £6 per egg. The products will be available at the major retailer Sainsbury’s. Buttermilk’s product is certified by The Vegan Society and is award-winning. “Our award-winning treats are still lovingly handmade in-house by our craft confectioners using our traditional methods. We continue to stay true to our heritage, so our skilled team can still be found using traditional copper pans over open flames, to blend ingredients for our indulgent, mouth-watering treats,” reads Buttermilk’s website.

3. Moo Free vegan Chocolate

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The product is available at the premium British retailer- Marks and Spencer food halls across the UK at around 400 retail outlets. The launched products- The Bunnycomb bar, organic, rice milk chocolate bars, Minty Moos bars, Mini Moos and 100% organic original bars. All these products are 100 percent plant-based, dairy-free, gluten, and soy-free. The company is award winning and ethic-focused.

4. Mc Donald’s Vegan Nuggets

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The world’s burger giant- Mc Donald’s has launched its vegan vegetable nuggets in Norway. The new vegan nuggets joined Mc Donald’s force of other vegan offerings. Mc D’ also launched its vegan happy meal in the UK early this year. The plant-based vegetable nuggets contain chickpeas, potatoes, carrots, onions and corn that goes inside a crispy fried coating.

5. Beyond Meat Ground Beef Alternative- Beyond Beef

If you’ve been thinking that the rather iconic ‘bleeding burger’ maker is famous only for its plant-based burger patty, think it over. Beyond Beef has launched its vegan ground beef alternative- Beyond Beef. The meat is said to retain the texture of ground-chuck using plant-derived protein. The plant-based meat is crafted using a mix of pea, Mung bean, and rice proteins. The product can be used in the way original beef is used. Beyond Meat’s Beyond Beef is 25% less in saturated fat comes with a juicy and beefy taste that fulfill the cravings of both vegans and non-vegans alike. All these minus the unwanted elements that come with organic beef. The product has been announced and is set to hit the racks by this year’s end.

6. Gregg’s Sausage Rolls

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In a vegan twist given to the classic British delicacy- sausage rolls, Gregg’s, the British Bakery giant has this year topped the billion Euros sales. Gregg’s credit their best-ever valuation to the fanfare and the hype that came with the launch of their vegan sausage rolls. The sausage roll went on sale at 3rd January earlier this year after PETA forwarded a petition (that collected 20,000 signatures) to the English Bakery giant for the vegans.

7. Goodfellas Cheesy Vegan Frozen Pizza

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The pizza giant launched its first vegan offering (it was cheeseless) – the falafel pie, last year. Consumers demanded more option from the makers. To their answer, the company launched its cheesy vegan pizza this year. The Spicy Vegetable Salsa pizza that retails for £2.50 is the newest addition to their repertoire. The pizza is based on a thin crust topped with red and green peppers, red onion, and sweetcorn. It is filled with vegan cheese, spicy tomato sauce, spiced crumb, and salsa drizzle. The product will roll out in Sainsbury’s and Tesco over the next two-three weeks throughout the nation. The company believes the pizza will appeal to all pizza lovers, and not just vegans.

The ever-growing demand for vegan alternatives to the mainstream dishes has, to say the least, borne innovative results in terms of quality vegan food availability over the years. A burger patty that bleeds, a pizza that has cheese topping (among many others) despite none shedding a drop of blood or harassing a single animal, already sounds like a scene from utopia! What do say? Let us know in the comments below.

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