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Finally, McDonald Launches Its Vegan Burger from Indian Outlets

by | December 19, 2018

As per reports by Plant Based News, McDonald’s recently launched its popular Vegan Burger that features in its Indian Outlets. The vegan sandwich, popularly known as Mc Aloo Tikki burger, was launched at McDonald’s global headquarters in Chicago.

vegan burger
McDonald’s – McAloo Tikki
Credits: McDonald’s, Image Sourced through Plant Based News

Vegan Burger at McDonalds

Nick Karavites, McDonald’s owner and operator, released a statement  elaborating customer’s widespread interest in the vegetarian burgers from their Indian outlets. Keeping in view the popular demand for vegan options, McDonald’s hence launched Mc Aloo Tikki burger in USA Flagship outlet. 

Mc Aloo Tikki burger is completely vegan friendly as it features a crisp potato patty filled with onions and peas and topped with egg-less mayo. The McDonald’s owner also dropped a few hints about expanding their vegan burger vertical by introducing more options. 

McDonald’s Indian outlets offer quite a handful of vegetarian options in form of plant based burgers and wraps. A large portion of Indian population is vegetarian and hence, Mc Aloo Tikki burger emerged as one of the most popular fast food items there. 

The multi-national food chain rolled out its first-ever Vegan burger, the Mc Vegan, on popular demand in Finland and Sweden last year. The company is also gearing up to launch El-Veggo, a new plant-based burger, in Finland.

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