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Tesco Ireland Comes Out with Bleeding Vegan Burger

by | February 1, 2019

2019 seems to be the year for vegans. After Just, Slutty Vegan, Gregg’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Domino’s, and McDonald’s coming up with new delicious vegan offerings, Tesco Ireland is all set to please cruelty free living advocates with their bleeding vegan burger.

Tesco Ireland Comes Out with Bleeding Vegan Burger
Credits: Nina Firsova/shutterstock


Tesco Ireland Comes Out with Bleeding Vegan Burger

Tesco Ireland just confirmed that it would be stocking the iconic Beyond Meat product, a plant-based burger that “bleeds” when cooking. Beyond Meat markets its bleeding vegan burger as the nearest cousin to the beef burger in look, feel, and taste—minus the sufferings of a defenseless animal.

According to the Irish Times report, Tesco Ireland takes pride in presenting the world’s first plant-based burger that cooks, looks, and tastes like a freshly made beef burger to Irish vegans. The bleeding burger doesn’t make use of soy products, GMO, or gluten to mimic the meaty taste. Instead, the secret of bleeding burger lies in the patty made with peas, potatoes, and beetroot juice to make it look like traditional beef burgers.

Since its debut in 2016, Beyond Meat has sold over 13 million Beyond Burgers. Joe Manning, Tesco’s commercial director, has been quoted as saying,

“In response to growing customer demand, we’ve expanded our range to include more variety in vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian foods from an array of different suppliers.”

Joe Manning

Presently, the bleeding vegan burger sells at €7 for a pack of two and has been backed by celebrities like Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio.

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