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Papa John’s UK Angers Vegans by Topping Pizza with Dairy Cheese

by | January 31, 2019

A major pizza joint has been making a lot of vegan customers very unhappy by sending out pizzas with dairy cheese instead of the plant-based one the customers ordered. Papa John’s UK has been putting the cheese on the pizzas labeled “vegan” despite not asking if it was okay to substitute, claiming they “ran out” of the vegan-friendly cheese alternative they have recently introduced.

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Papa John’s UK has been sending customers dairy cheese on top of their pizzas marked “vegan”

It hasn’t been even a week since Papa John’s UK jumped onto the vegan-friendly bandwagon and came up with Vegan Sheese pizza that they claimed to be a big hit among their customers, but it seems they weren’t prepared to handle the demand.

The food chain that tweeted they were “out of stock” in just one day found themselves in the midst of a huge public relations crisis and honestly, wide scale liability issue, as customers complained about receiving dairy cheese atop their vegan pizza that they ordered from Papa John’s UK locations.

One Twitter user posted the screenshot of a vegan expressing concerns over the Vegan Sheese pizza after they received a vegan pizza tasting exactly like their dairy counterpart. The person wrote, “Anyone had the vegan Papa John’s? It tastes exactly how I remember real cheese tasting and I’ve had someone else try it and they said it tastes like real cheese too? Someone put my mind at ease so I can eat it please.”

The person called Papa John’s to inquire about the ingredients and was absolutely shocked to learn the reputed chain used dairy cheese when they ran out of the vegan one. However, the box was still marked vegan.

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Needless to say, this sparked outrage among vegans who questioned Papa John’s seriousness about their latest initiative.

Papa John’s UK has expressed concerns over the claims and said they are investigating this as a matter of urgency. But their reply didn’t seem to go down well with the vegan community and quite a lot of people have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Here’s a tip for any restaurant looking to expand their plant-based offerings: never underestimate the power of vegans. There will always be a demand for our delicious food, and you would do well to prepare for it.

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