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Vegan KFC Fried Chicken? Your Wish Might Turn True By The End Of The Year

by | March 29, 2019

If till now you as a vegan missed KFC products, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Vegan KFC fired chicken version might be a thing! Although KFC reportedly declined to comment on whether their upcoming vegan offering will be global, yet I am elated that KFC is set to try the same in the UK. The mega fast food retailer is set to try a vegan alternative to one of their famous offerings, and as per announcement, it is as early as by this year’s end. To know more about read on.

Vegan KFC Fried Chicken? Your Wish Might Turn True By The End Of The Year
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Vegan KFC Fried Chicken? Your Wish Might Turn True By The End Of The Year

The ‘Zinger Burger’ restaurant chain has very little to do with vegans. But this could change with their latest announcement of entering into the vegan products division by this year’s end. Looks like there has been a lot of foresight in the step taken by KFC. A last year’s report by the Mirror stated that KFC had vowed to reduce calories in their offering by different means. The fast-food chain giant sought to reduce 20% calorie per serving by 2025 alongside revamping its menu. For instance, KFC reportedly was working on their way to offer zero calorie carbonated drink and consequently their trial into the vegan offering.

Speaking more about KFC’s entry into trying meat free options, last years a petition was submitted by PETA urging the fast food giant to bring a vegan alternative to their popular product. PETA’s petition gained 12,600 signatures for recreating their famous fried chicken into a plant-friendly iteration.

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Vegan KFC fried chicken?

Commenting on the request by vegan campaigners, KFC spokesman told The New York Times in a statement last year, that the development of recipes are yet to mature and the options they’re exploring in the kitchen are still a top secret. But what he said next makes me the happiest. He said, “Once we’ve perfected the recipe, we aim to test with customers this year, and if all goes well, we hope to launch a new vegetarian option in 2019.”

It is worth highlighting that despite KFC’s trial into the plant-based chicken, the company reportedly will make sure the ‘Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices’ will be retained. Because as per KFC- “fans absolutely love our Original Recipe chicken.” Victoria Robertson, Head of Food Innovation, UK & Ireland (the impetus behind this trial) said they realize people are more mindful than ever in consuming the choicest foods. KFC faces ‘a big challenge’ in shifting people’s perception of what they offer. She redirected to the success of Riceboxes and said- “(…) we know any new menu and recipe changes will have to be just as tasty as today.”

The Fresher Comments

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This year, Jack Hinchcliffe, Innovation Director at KFC spoke about the plans freshly to the Telegraph. He said trend veganism is totally on the rise. The company (KFC) are in their way to develop both vegan and vegetarian options in their innovation kitchen at their head office.

Hinchcliffe said: “Veganism as a trend has really blown up. We’re currently in the process of working on both vegetarian and vegan options in the innovation kitchen here in our head office.” He reportedly made it a point to mention how the company would not take any shortcuts in their offering of vegan alternative because they believe it “That lets down vegan” and they seek to offer vegan options what’re “really credible, authentic and genuine.” Now this truly raises we vegan’s appetite! Isn’t it?

Millions of chicken meet their end in the conveyers that lead to throat-slitting blades. They live a disastrous life in the dark of the abattoirs where most of them don’t even get a chance to soak a single ray of sun. A lot of mainstream restaurants like KFC are increasingly offering plant-based alternatives. I am excited to see how well KFC pull-off its meat-free commitment.

What do you feel about this? Waiting eagerly for the vegan KFC version? Let me know in the comments below.

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