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Craving For A ‘Gourmet’ Meaty and Vegan Burger? Wetherspoon Has It

by | March 15, 2019

Bored out of your minds with the usual potato patty burgers? Looking for a ‘gourmet’ twist on your regular burger? Wetherspoon has a surprise in store for you. Keep reading to know more about it…

vegan burger
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Craving For A ‘Gourmet’ Burger That Is Meaty Yet Plant-Based? Wetherspoon Has It

Popular pub chain JD Wetherspoon surprised everyone by adding a new ‘gourmet’ burger on their menu. And the latest offering isn’t squidgy tomato lettuce, but an actual ‘meaty’ one made from soy.

VeganFood UK broke the news, to their Instagram followers, about Wetherspoon’s juicy ‘meat’ plant-based burger elaborating that the latest addition is a curtsy meatless farm’s made from soy. It hasn’t been launched all over the UK and has been spotted only in Manchester with a price tag of £5.85.

Meaty and Vegan Burger

meaty and vegan burger
meaty and vegan burger
Credits: vegan-food-uk/ Instagram

A spokesman from Wetherspoon told Echo that the recently launched ‘gourmet’ meaty and vegan burger are being tested in around 50 locations. Reportedly, the basic vegan burger comes on its own in a bun while the gourmet version is accompanied by salsa, rocket and avocado.

With veganism sky rocketing in the UK, there is a surge in plant based options to cater to the ever increasing cruelty free lifestyle advocates. While Morning Star decided to go all vegan, Selfridges banned the sale of exotic animal skin- all confirming that 2019 is going to be an eventful year for vegans.

Which food chain would you like to see coming out with vegan options? Comment below.

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