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Sea-Food that never Swam! Sophie’s Kitchen makes Vegan Sea-Food accessible

by | March 21, 2019

Undoubtedly, these days the vegan palate is being teased with whatnot? A settling vegan of today is spoiled with no compromise on taste at all! Name a thing; you’ve got a vegan something to it. For those few left-outs, rest assured the ever-innovative vegan food industry will catch up even before you know! Amidst all the debut edibles in the vegan repertoire, gourmet plant-based seafood is the shiny new feather on the hat. Get to know more about it here.

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Sea-food that never Swam or Floated!

If you know what I mean! (How could plant-based sea-food ever float?) This cruelty-free sea-food is actually a thing. Thanks to Sophie’s kitchen. The company aims to make plant-based sea-food all-time accessible to the vegans. Based on Sebastopol, California, Sophie’s Kitchen offers an array of sea-food alternatives that are purely crafted from 100% plant-based raw materials.

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The company likes to call their offering as “Gourmet Plant-based Seafood.” According to the company’s website, Sophie’s kitchen wants to make sea-food “accessible and delicious to everyone”. The company believes in pursuing people to choose healthier meals for themselves, their families, and communities by offering high-quality and tasty plant-based foods.

“From Sophie to our chefs and everyone in between, our job every day is the relentless pursuit of plant-based taste innovation,” reads the “Sophie’s Mission” section of the website.

In the Menu

Credit: veganseafood/ Instagram

From Applewood smoked Salmon bacon to crab cakes, fish fillets to breaded Shrimps, no taste is left out. If you till now missed the feeling of smoked salmon or scallops, you’ve got it. Shrimp, coconut shrimp, seafood jambalaya, Toona, smoked salmon pastrami, and even lobster mac & cheese show their teeth to the original alternatives. All these without any throat-slit and bloodshed.

The Impetus Behind

Despite the growth of the plant-based food alternative in the market, companies have been focusing on replacing the terrestrial animals. This made a vacuum for the sea-food alternative market, giving potential to innovative entrepreneurs to seize, told the Food Navigator USA, which recently featured Sophie’s Kitchen.

Credit: veganseafood/ Instagram

Sophie’s kitchen is rather an early entrant in the germinating sea-food market. CEO/ Founder Eugene Wang even claims his company is the plant-based sea-food leader. He said by 2050 there would be 9 billion people worldwide and that animal-based protein wouldn’t satiate the demand. It won’t be sustainable. And therefore consumers are rushing to alternative proteins.

Referring to Mintel data, Wang said the US itself has 38% population seeking protein from non-animal alternatives. Commenting on their specialty, Wang said, what people look for in plant-based meat is three things- the source of protein, texture, and flavor. And it is the texture that sets Sophie’s kitchen aside from other offerings. Using unique technology their products are made closest possible to the texture of their alternative meat, Food Navigator USA reported. The products are available in 1000 plus retail stores across the States, and the company is looking forward to further expansion.

Vegan food innovation is in the happening. One after the other animal-based products is alternated to plant-based ones. And with time, shortcomings on taste, texture, and flavors are surpassed. What are your views? Let us know below.

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