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Siren 101, Your Vegan Recipes For Beginners Guide

by | December 16, 2018

Are you a transitioning Vegan, overwhelmed with ‘How to Cook Vegan Food?’, “What To Cook For A Vegan Family Dinner?” and “What to Include/ Exclude From a Vegan Diet”? Relax, we have it all sorted for you. Take baby steps each day and start with these easy vegan recipes for beginners that a re curated especially for beginners like you.

1. 3 Easy Recipes For A Vegan Pregnancy

vegan recipes for beginners
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Vegan pregnancy isn’t any different from normal pregnancy. To make the journey easier, here are three quick recipes that will surely cut down on your cooking as well as procrastinating time. Try these vegan recipes to kick-start your journey. 

Inside: Buddha Bowl recipe, Pizza recipe and Protein Balls recipe.


2. 3 Easy Vegan Snack Recipes For Weekend Lunch

vegan recipes for beginners
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Weekends- the time when your taste buds are shouting for something lavish, something delicious. Try these easy vegan recipes for beginners that make your weekend lunches even better. 

Inside: No bake peanut butter balls recipe, bacon tempeh lettuce tomato sandwiches recipe, and Portbello burgers recipe. 

3. Creamy Sweet Chili Cauliflower

vegan recipes for beginners

If you are searching for a versatile meat substitute in your vegan recipe for beginners arsenal, your search ends with cauliflower. This chameleon vegetable can be easily paired up with a variety of sauces. For instance, try this creamy sweet chili cauliflower bites recipe and you’ll be amazed at the ‘exquisite rich layered‘ taste it offers. 


4. Mushroom Risotto is The Ultimate Vegan Recipes For Beginners

vegan recipes for beginners
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Love mushrooms? Try this quick and easy mushroom risotto recipe to suite your vegan, gluten free, nut free, soy free palate. And it does taste delicious! Cheese lovers can add dry yeast for an added dose of flavor. 

5. Vegan Tikka Masala

vegan recipes for beginners
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Craving chicken tikka masala? Don’t. We have a delicious vegan counterpart of it that is easy to cook too. Try this vegan tikka masala recipe and let flavors rock your palate for a while. 

Did you try any of these vegan recipes for beginners? Let us know, how it turned out, in the comments below. 

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