The Second Annual Vegan Food UK Awards Begins this Week

by | November 22, 2018

The Vegan Food UK Awards 2018 has begun this week on Wednesday 21 November 2018.

For the second year in a row, 90,000+ members of the Vegan Food UK community will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite plant based foods of 2018.

Live voting using Polls via the active Vegan Food UK Award Facebook group will begin this Wednesday.

Each day group members will be able to vote for their favorite foods and nominate businesses & companies for other people to vote on. Live voting will take place over 24 hours for each category.

vegan food UK awards

The categories for Vegan Food UK Awards are:

  • Most Vegan Friendly Supermarket
  • Tastiest Vegan Ready Meal
  • Best Vegan Sandwich
  • Best Vegan Pizza Bought at a Supermarket
  • Most Vegan Friendly Chain Restaurant
  • Most Vegan Friendly Chain Cafe
  • Best Accidentally Vegan Product
  • Tastiest Vegan Burger
  • Best Vegan Cheese
  • Most Vegan Friendly Town/City

Last year Linda McCartney’s Foods won, for ‘Best Vegan Sausage’, Paul McCartney accepted the award on behalf of the company, and Zizzi’s won ‘Most Vegan Friendly Chain Restaurant’.

New this year there will be a Small Business Award, where people can nominate plant based food businesses who they think deserve special recognition. All nominations should be sent to [email protected] (deadline Sunday 25 November, no self-nominations and you must give an explanation of why you think the business deserves the award). The award will be judged by a panel of 20 admins of VFUK.
The Vegan Kind supermarket is sponsoring the VFUK awards for the second year, they are the UK’s leading online retailer that help people live a plant based, animal cruelty free life. Their lifestyle and beauty subscription boxes introduce vegans and the vegan-curious to a wide and diverse range of plant based and cruelty-free products, while their online supermarket provides international access to everything plant based!

Liam Day, Co-founder of VFUK, says: “We believe the Vegan Food UK Awards are the most unique vegan awards in the UK, based on Live, real time voting over a 24 hour period. The awards last year went very well with thousands of people voting on their favorite vegan products & places, we hope this year will be the same.”

Janine Day, Co-founder of VFUK, says: “The awards are a fantastic opportunity to thank the companies that have made all the incredible plant based food in 2018. As well as promoting animal rights, vegans in the UK are a proud bunch of people who love their food so it’s nice to give them a chance to vote on their favorite products.”

People can join the VFUK group here

Vegan Food UK page

Vegan Food UK website

All set for the Vegan Food UK Awards 2018? 

Julie Nealon

Associate Editor, New York USA | Contactable via [email protected]


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