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Pregnancy Brain. Why It Happens & How To Be Less Forgetful

by | November 21, 2018

Have you constantly been searching for your car keys that turn up in weird places? You forget what you were scheduled to do and it takes like forever to remember where you just kept your cell phone. If this sounds like you, relax because this is momnesia that happens to a lot of pregnant women.

Pregnancy brain, memory lapses or brain fog- irrespective of the name given, being forgetful during pregnancy is quite common. More common than you thought! Research is still going on to find the exact cause of momnesia, hence, as of now there’s only a probable explanation over this.

Stress, anxiety and fatigue are also thought to be a major contributor in this. However proactive, balanced and multitasking you might be, pregnancy does demand a few dramatic changes in your lifestyle.

What could be the cause behind pregnancy brain?

Pregnancy brings with it a surge of hormones that trigger some major psychological changes. You already know how mood swings and cravings are associated with pregnancy. Although, the exact science behind pregnancy brain and it’s inter relationship with pregnancy hormones is still unknown, some researches do offer an explanation.

Few researches have been able to deduce that there seems to be a likely connection between frequent memory lapses and pregnancy in the third trimester. Although, this doesn’t imply to all pregnant women. There are women who have just as active brain and cognitive abilities as that of a woman who is not pregnant.

pregnancy brain

Can you avoid having pregnancy brain or improve the condition if you already have one?

There isn’t a problem that doesn’t have a solution. You can keep a few tricks up your sleeves to deal with pregnancy brain effectively. These are:

Have dedicated space for your daily essentials: You can avoid the last minute rush of searching for car keys by dedicating a special place/ box for it. Store all essentials in their specified places, for instance, car and house key in the box next to your TV. This saves you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in looking for them all over the house.

Alarms and notifications: If you forget to take your meds timely or wish to increase your water intake throughout the day,set alarms and notifications. These alerts help you stay active and organized.

Make use of Google calendar: Well I am a fan of Google calendar, hence suggested it. In case you aren’t, feel free to download any other calendar app from Play store or Apple app store and plan a week’s schedule in advance.

Note book apps: If you cant carry a notebook and pen with you all the time, download a note taking app. Whenever you come across any information that is to be remembered for future use, note it down in the app. This way you stay update about all the relevant info you come across everyday.

Sleep: Do remember to have a peaceful sleep to let your body rejuvenate each night. If you feel like, go for the power naps during the day too. A relaxing sleep helps keep your memory refresh and let’s you stay alert all day long.

Exercise: Under the care and supervision of a registered health care provider, exercise regularly. Exercise helps you sleep peacefully at night indirectly contributing towards keeping your memory fresh.

Consult a specialist: If all this doesn’t help, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Lack of concentration, lethargy and forgetfulness can be a sign of some other trouble brewing up. Consulting an expert is highly recommended in case your condition doesn’t improve.

Remember, pregnancy is a beautiful journey that has its own ups and downs. Do not hesitate in taking help from your partner,family members and friends. It is perfectly okay to not be able to manage everything on your own. You are a human with limited capabilities and that’s absolutely fine.



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