5 Things Your Kids Teacher Wants You To Know

by | September 9, 2018

Teachers seem to bear the brunt of parents annoyance these days, blamed for failing grades, or not providing enough one on one with peoples kids. With their little pay, and having to provide a lot of the classroom supplies themselves. They are on both sides of the losing fence.

There are however, some things your teacher wished you know,  but can’t tell you. 

You Are Responsible For Your Child’s Education 

Yes, a teacher is there to deliver the information, and help your child understand it. However, there are normally nineteen plus kids in that classroom, and if you want your child to grow up, attend that ivy league, and buy you a boat. You need to put the work in now.

Sit down with your child after school and go over their homework with them. From the early years right through the later years, and even if you don’t understand it. Figuring it out together will help your child understand it. 

We Have Lives Too

We’re not available every time you walk in the door ‘for a quick chat’. You’re not a mythical creature, there are forty other parents who do it daily, and between the emails, phone calls, and chats. They still have to grade and prepare your child’s lesson plans. Unless it’s really important, keep it for the parent-teacher nights. 

Your Kids Will Act Different With Us

Kids can gauge their surroundings much better than we think and adjust their behaviors based on expectations and consequences. Which means they change their behavior in settings where they won’t see their parents. Children intuitively understand that they cannot expect to be the center of attention among a hundred other kids like them.

Here’s Chanté Griffin, a Los Angeles-based language arts instructor, sharing her experience with Huff Post: “Parents don’t know that who their kids are with them isn’t necessarily who they are with their friends at school. I’ve seen A+ students behave like hellions. They talk while I’m talking. They pound on their desks. They play with anything and everything in their backpacks, and even worse – they get other students to misbehave with them. If your child’s teacher tells you that your exemplary son or daughter is misbehaving, believe them. And then give some consequences at home. Parents must support their child’s teachers.”

We Get Annoyed Too

Teachers are regular humans and sometimes parents too, the same way your kids drive you bonkers sometimes? Yep, they do that to them also. 

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