5 Things Your Vegan Teenagers Are Saying

by | September 3, 2017

What are vegan teenagers talking about?

Everyone is aware of the door slamming, sulking, and moodiness that happens at some point between, my sweet little kid, and my adult child. Yet, teenagers biggest fear is no one listening to them. Where they are stuck in a vacuum of never being taken seriously. Sometimes, it helps if we sit down, stop talking and listen to what our vegan teenagers are saying. And I mean REALLY listen.
Maybe they have something valuable to say, or maybe they don’t. How will we ever know if we roll our eyes and feel they are ungrateful for our efforts as a parent?
You’d never know, you might even learn a new thing or two yourself.
1. It’s Not A Phase!
Dismissing their decision to live cruelty-free is a surefire way to make your teenager feel unsupported and alienate them. Try your best to understand why they’ve made this choice. Make an effort to find out how you can help them with their choices.
2. It’s Hurtful When You Don’t Defend Their Choice To Other Family Members Or Even Mock Them.
Sometimes even understanding parents can fall into the trap of siding with other family members who are uncomfortable with the idea of veganism. They can be made to feel that they’re doing the wrong thing by allowing their child to cut certain foods from their diet. In many cases, this can extend to the situation becoming a family ‘joke’. This may seem harmless but can be very damaging to your teen. Educate yourself in preparation for the inevitable questions that family members are likely to ask. Try to shut down any mockery before it gains momentum.
3. ‘These Animals Wouldn’t Have Had A Life At All If We Weren’t Going To Eat Them!’ Is Not A Reason For Them To Eat Meat.
The cruel industry that animals raised for meat are born into is most likely at the very heart of why your vegan teenagers have decided to cut animal products from their diet. Would you feel better about your life being violently cut short if someone were to tell you that you were only born for that very purpose?
4. Trying To Tempt Them With Old Favorites Is Unfair And Unsupported.
Many vegans don’t suddenly stop liking the taste of their favorite burger or cheese. They simply don’t want to take part in the cruelty that led to that food’s creation any longer. And/or want to live a healthier life that is better for our environment. It can be hard to transition from eating animal products. Try to do your best to help them by finding alternatives to your usual family meals and snacks.
5. Cows DO Die For Us To Get Milk, And Chickens DO Die For Us To Get Eggs.
It’s a common misconception that no animals need to die for humans to consume dairy or eggs. But don’t be fooled, you can be sure that your teen has looked into this. The male offspring of dairy cows and laying hens are seen as waste products in those industries. Besides the fact that animals do die for these products, the lives of the animals who produce them are less than ideal.

Sometimes, vegan teenagers can educate us in ways we don’t realize. Listen to them, and I mean REALLY listen.



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