’A’ Baby Girl Names

by | April 3, 2018

Are you looking for a name beginning with ‘A’  for your new baby girl? Check out this list of ‘A’ baby girl names from various cultures. Whether you’re using alliteration to create the perfect name for your little one or you want to search the whole alphabet for the right title, one of these ‘A’ baby names could be ‘the one’!

‘A’ names for baby girls

Abnahita- This beautiful name means ‘pure’ and ‘wise’ and has oats of nickname potential. The name of a Persian Goddess of water, Anahita is a symbol of healing, fertility, and wisdom.

Anya- A Russian name meaning simply ‘graceful’, Anya is a pretty twist on  the classic ‘Anna’.

Acacia- This name of Greek origin meaning ‘honor’ has grown in popularity over recent years, sometimes spelled ‘Akasha’. The shrub of the same name is a symbol of immortality and resurrection.

Abhirati- Meaning ‘joyous’ and ‘devoted’, this Indian name has a funky inbuilt nickname; ‘Abhi’ (Abby).

Adelaide- A timeless name of German origin, Adelaide means simply ‘noble’. There are many potential cute nicknames for a baby with this name but it will also sound suitably grown up when they reach adulthood.

Aisha- This strong, yet feminine name has Arabic origins and means ‘alive’ or ‘one who lives’. The perfect title for a true little adventurer!

Ayla- If you’re looking for a pretty name with a poetic meaning, Ayla is the one for you! Derived from an old Persian word for ‘moonlight’, this Turkish name means ‘halo of light around the moon’.

Audrey- An old English name meaning ‘noble’ and ‘strong’, this moniker is use a comeback! A pretty alternative to the now quite popular ‘Aubrey’, Audrey is a timeless classic.

Annoushka- This adorable Russian name used to be a nickname for people called ‘Anna’ but it’s so sweet it has become a popular first name. Meaning ‘grace’, ‘beauty’, and ‘favor’, Annoushka is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby.

Athena- A classic Greek name, Athena has old school charm paired with undeniable power. The Greek goddess of wisdom and courage who bore this title was so revered that the great city of Athens was named after her!

There are so many gorgeous baby girl names out there that begin with ‘A’-  Does your little girl have one?


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