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Most Comfortable Vegan Shoes for Your Pregnancy

by | April 1, 2019

While pregnant, and comfortable shoes are a must. You may already be experiencing the swollen feet, making it difficult standing for long periods of time. Maybe; your bump has just gotten too big for you to be able to slip on your favorite pair of Nikes without it being a full-contact sport. If you want to experience the most comfort possible while pregnant, take a gander at our list of vegan-friendly shoes that are perfect to wear during pregnancy.


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Having a summer pregnancy and are looking for a pair of comfortable vegan shoes or sandals meant to last? Slip on a pair of Birkenstocks (with or without socks) for a hassle-free and pregnancy-friendly shoe. You shouldn’t worry about any skin irritation while wearing these shoes because as stated on their website they are ” very gentle on the skin, and it’s comfortable while also being very durable.”I personally own the vegan Arizona-style Birkenstocks and I can attest that once broken in, they provide the best support my foot has ever seen as far as sandals go. You can read more about why we love vegan Birkenstocks here.

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Vegan Shoes

Tom’s Canvas Slip Ons

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I remember how popular Tom’s shoes were years ago, and to be honest, I kind of miss how on trend they were. Luckily enough, they are still thriving and putting out footwea with the sam morals that they were years ago. Toms is a great vegan and ethical shoe which can work with any casual or business-casual look.

NAE Vegan Shoes Loafers

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Free of all PVC, this Portuguese shoe brand is here to help you feel more dressed-up with their vegan loafers. Perfect for a long work day or a night out, you are sure to wear these shoes more than a few times during your pregnancy. These vegan leather shoes are made ethically as well, so there is no guilt involved here. Obrigada, NAE!

Which shoes did you find the most comfortable during your pregnancy and beyond? Let me know in the comments below.

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