Kinder (Vegan) Beauty Box Bringing The Idea of Ethical Beauty On Fore Front

by | March 29, 2019

I love exploring make-up and skincare products. And that’s the biggest reason why I subscribe (read: have an addiction) to beauty boxes. The pleasure of unboxing, discovering latest trends, laying hands on the pretty bottles- all give a luxurious feel like no other.

However, having adopted to the more rigorous form of ethical veganism, I could no longer derive the same pleasure from beauty boxes, which feature products tested on animals. I wished there could be a crafted with care vegan beauty box that has zero tolerance for animal testing and abuse.

And my wish has been granted with Kinder Beauty Box (KBB). Just like the name suggests, it is a subscription box curated with kindness and delivered to our door steps each month!

vegan beauty box
Kinder Beauty Box

What To Expect in The Vegan Beauty Box?

Each Kinder Beauty Box features 100% cruelty free vegan makeup, skin care, hair-care products, and/or accessories, worth at least $65+ and come secured in an eco-friendly packaging . A part of the money you spend on it goes towards animal rights and environmental causes.

Plans Available

Kinder Beauty Box offers three subscription plans to its customers. You can opt for monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions, wherein you can get $65+ worth of products for as low as $19.95 PER BOX!

Thinking about the perfect gift for your bff? Or wondering what could you gift to your makeup loving best friend on her baby shower? Kinder has that sorted for you. You can opt for gift plans, from their quarterly, half yearly and yearly packages.

About The Founders

Kinder Beauty Box co-founders Evanna Lynch and Daniella Monet

Devout animal lovers Andrew Bernstein, Daniella Monet and Evanna Lynch founded the Kinder Beauty Box with a vision to sort out the challenges that are associated with ethical beauty. Their aim is to research brands and bring forth a vegan beauty box that is curated with kindness and love. Speaking to Raise Vegan, Andrew Bernstein said,

Prior to launching our brand I was managing celebrity relations for a large animal rights non-profit. It was in that role that I became friendly with Daniella and Evanna, my two business partners. The issue of cruelty-free beauty always struck me as an aspect of the animal rights movement where the consumer market hasn’t yet caught up to what a majority of consumers want. What I mean is, when surveyed, even non-vegans are overwhelmingly against the idea of animal testing, and so it feels like a very winnable battle”

Andrew Bernstein, Co-Founder & President , Kinder Beauty Box

Order Here

Excited to get on the ethical vegan bandwagon? Order your box here. For latest updates follow them on Instagram.

Surprise gift

Want an extra bonus item included with you first box ? Use promo code ‘RaiseVegan‘ while placing order for the vegan beauty box.

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