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Australia Moves to Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing

by | February 18, 2019

Australia’s Senate has officially passed the Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017. This week Australia has finally passed a bill that will effectively ban cosmetic animal testing.

Australia Moves to Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing
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Australia Moves to Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing

Committing to an agreement made with Humane Society International, the Senate has passed a bill that effectively bans animal testing of industrial chemicals in Australia. The Industrial Chemicals Bill was first introduced by the House of Representatives back in June 2017.

The bill doesn’t explicitly ban cosmetic animal testing, but it is a step in the right direction. What the bill means, is that Australia will no longer accept animal testing as proof of the safety or efficiency of a product. The country is working with the Humane Society International to explore other methods for testing products.

Hannah Stuart, Humane Society International campaign manager #BeCrueltyFreeAustralia is pleased to welcome the milestone in ending cruel and outdated cosmetic animal testing. The commitment by the government this week to further restrict the use of animal test results for cosmetic products came after three years of intense negotiations between the government and Humane Society International.

Eleven reinforcement measures have been put in place to make sure that every ingredient is covered under the ban.

In a statement, Stuart thanked the Australian government for showing leadership and pledged that Humane Society International will continue to work with the government to help them implement the commitments. Stuart also added that this is a massive win for animals, consumers, and science.

The cruel practice of testing on animals exposes them to harsh chemicals, they are often forced to live in cages, and many develop neurotic behaviors.

This seems to be a wonderful trend that is catching on across the globe. California recently passed the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, where the sale of products tested on animals will be prohibited from January 2020.

Let us know your take on Australia’s move to ban cosmetic animal testing. Comment below.

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