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Limiting Screen Time For Kids: How To Do It Successfully

by | February 17, 2019

Limiting screen time for kids, without having to do deal with a temper fest thrown by your adorable kiddo, maybe a bit difficult but not impossible. Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you.

In a world of technology and smartphones, it can be easy to go with the motions and forget what life was like before them. Don’t get me wrong, I love having WiFi and a tablet so I can lay in bed and watch Gilmore Girls on repeat but I always feel great when I can get away from my screens for a while. You remember what it was like before smartphones, but does your kid?

Limiting Screen Time For Kids: How To Do It Successfully
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Limiting Screen Time For Kids: How To Do It Successfully

Setting a screen time budget is beneficial in a few ways. One, it helps teach your kid responsibility and accountability for the amount of screen time they use and how they choose to use or save it each week. Two, it’ll promote your kid to have fun in other ways whether it be learning a new card trick or building the coolest Lego castle of all time. Lastly, if you have multiple children sharing a device, it’ll make the sharing process go much smoother.

Here are three tips on limiting screen time for kids.

Keep an Open Activity Log

Logging your kids screen time in an open space such as a whiteboard on the fridge is a good way to hold them accountable for their screen time as well as keeping the whole family on the same page. Set up a suggested “schedule”, for screen time, for example 1 hour on weeknights and two and a half hours on weekends which makes 12 hours a week. Let them know that this is how the schedule is best but allow them to budget their time after hearing your judgment. Log hours used on the fridge using cute magnets and colorful market.

Have a Dedicated Family Night

Having one night a week that’s dedicated to family fun (for example, a Friday night out early dismissal day) will have your kid looking forward to spending time together each week that isn’t spent sitting in front of the T.V. Simple and cheap activities could be homemade pizza night, board game night, and DIY project day. One of the most effective ways, I must say.

Offer Rewards for Staying Under “Budget”

Limiting screen time for kids is a lot more easier when they know there might be a reward at the end. If your kid stays under their allowed screen time usage, don’t be afraid to give them a small reward once in a while, it’s a great accomplishment! If your kid is only on the family iPad for six hours a week instead of their allotted twelve, offer to take them to the park for some extra playtime or to Target to choose a new board game for family game night.

What tips and tricks do you have for successfully setting-up a screen time budget for your kid? Let me know in the comments below.

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