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Yoga during Pregnancy; Here is what you need to know about Parental Yoga

by | April 1, 2019

With all the old wives tales and uncertainty if you can even get into dogward dog, let alone if you should do it. It’s no wonder that some of us are a little on the hesitant side when it comes to body twists and pregnancy. Read on to learn of sound advice for pregnancy yoga .

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Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

While pregnant, a lot of hormonal changes are happening in your body, causing a lot of stress on the mind as well as the body. American Pregnancy Association states parental yoga is beneficial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. The main motive of parental yoga is to ‘focus on poses’ in a pregnant woman thereby increasing flexibility and strength. Not only this, parental yoga reportedly helps in smoother labor by developing proper relaxation and breathing techniques.

Is Yoga During Pregnancy Safe?

Absolutely. When practiced under expert supervision, parental exercise can help to a lot extent. In fact, it is great for pregnancy wellness. But make sure you don’t just get doing any type that you find pleasing. Please skip DIY YouTube yoga videos. There is no question of taking chances with a mistaken pose. Now even in your first trimester. Women at risk of premature labor should strictly consult a doctor before starting parental exercise.

Give me Some Tips and Warnings (if any)

yoga during pregnancy
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Whereas parental yoga during pregnancy is absolutely safe and helpful, you have to consult a doctor and even more importantly, get hold of a professional yoga trainer who specializes in parental yoga. You would not at all want to end up in complications by following wrong methods.

Consult Physician

Before you jump into yoga workouts, consult your doctor. Preferably a gynaecologist. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy and more importantly your condition, the doctor will recommend you to proceed or not. Some woman may not be in a shape to practice yoga, hence the confirmation from a doctor.

Avoid Overstretching at any Cost

Limit your range of motion. Avoid any posture that is even slightly painful. Although during pregnancy your body releases a hormone named ‘relaxin’ to ease out birthing through the pelvis, this doesn’t imply other parts of the body will be affected (know that you won’t be any extra flexible). So you have to check on your movements and postures.

Check with your Instructor

In case you’re not joining a parental yoga specific class, make sure your trainer is aware of the modified movements a parental class is made of, and that your yoga during pregnancy workout is suited to you specifically. If otherwise, the problem with mistaken posture can be detrimental.

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Don’t Opt For Inversion

Avoid going for inversion-related yoga at any cost when you’re pregnant. Even if you have been doing it earlier (and did not affect you), now once you’re pregnant its time you put a halt on it.

Exercise has been reported to help you with a lot of ways like improved sleep, reduced stress, reduced back pains, nausea and even risk of premature labor. Irrespective of all these, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before you embark. What do you think, let me know in the comments below?

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