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$375 an Hour; High Price Getting Your Kid into College? NY’ers Disagree

by | April 6, 2019

It’s safe to say that most parents simply want what is best for their child, whether that takes the form of following a well-balanced and plant-based diet or teaching them what one could deem as valuable life skills. Wealthier than average parents in New York have been trying a new method of trying to give their child the world at their fingertips- preparation for their kid’s possible future at an Ivy League school- this involves courses running a total of 375 USD per hour on kindergarten prep. Showing the lengths some parents are willing to go to getting your kid into college.

getting your kid into college
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Ivy League schools are desirable by many, but unfortunately, they are notoriously (and in my opinion, grossly) competitive. There are eight ivy league schools in total: Harvard, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, U-Pen, Columbia, Princeton, and Yale. Many parents dream of their child being lucky enough to get into one of these schools, especially if they could get a considerable scholarship to curb the costs. However, it is far from an easy task to get into one of these institutions. Many parents put their children through extra prep courses in high school and maybe even put them through a local private school to help them stand apart from the crowd and increase their chance at getting your kid into college.

Some parents, as the recent college scandal shows, some parents are willing to lie, cheat and pay directly to just admit their kids into the top schools, regardless if they earned the spot or not. (shaking my head at you, Lori Laughlin)

In baby Ivies, parents can expect to pay around 50,000 USD yearly from K-12 for their child to attend one of these schools, which are designed to train children into being the perfect Ivy League university candidate. Wealthy parents in New York have taken this prep to a whole new level, a level beyond the already considerably priced ”Baby Ivies”.

getting your kid into college
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Getting Your Kid Into College

Before sending their child off to a Baby Ivy school, parents have opted to begin additional courses as early as just a few years old to help increase the chance that they’ll be accepted to a Baby Ivy school in the first place. Like their true Ivy League counterparts, even the Baby Ivies are competitive, expensive, and brutal. The Baby Ivy Trinity has revealed that their acceptance rate into their K-12 comes in to be about ten percent. Prep counseleurs are avaiable to help frame your child as being the perfect fit, coming in at a cost of 12,000-25,000 USD or, 375 USD an hour.

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There is no doubt in my mind that Baby Ivies may be providing a somewhat unfair advantage to those that come from extremly wealthy families and given the unfair advantage of getting your kid into college, it’s a wonder other youth from disadvantage areas even stand a chance. One could look at the history of Ivy Leagues (and other world-class institutions) and say that this has been a long-time theme.

How do you feel about ”Baby Ivies”? Do you think that they are worth the high cost? If you had the money, would you do this? Let me know in the comments below.

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