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Grab ’em now! Aldi Expands Its Plant-Based Range with Vegan Burgers and Sausages

by | May 22, 2019

Supermarket Aldi which is the household’s favorite for their budget offering is set to introduce an array of vegan products by this month. The launch includes a vegan sausage roll among others, that has recently become a favorite of retailers, thanks to the groundbreaking sales. Keep reading to know what you can savor at the Supermarket’s new vegan offerings.

Grab ’em now! Aldi Expands Its Plant-Based Range with Vegan Burgers and Sausages
Credit: @AldiUK/ Twitter

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Supermarket Aldi to Launch Vegan Chicken Burger and Sausage among Other

The summer is officially (or unofficially) in the air, and so are the cravings of summer delights on the hike. Keeping the pace up with UK’s leading supermarkets (and their expanding vegan offering), Aldi is launching some delicious vegan treats like a sausage roll and ‘chicken’ burger. Specifically, four new items are joining Aldi’s existing vegan bandwagon. To name, No Beef and No Chicken Burgers for Mae’s Kitchen, Mae’s Kitchen Superfood Burger, and last but certainly not the least, No Sausage Rolls from Mae’s Kitchen.

Credit: @AldiUK/ Twitter

The No Beef and No Chicken Burgers will retail at £1.99 for a pack of 2. As one can expect, the No Beef Burger will employ veggie proteins using peas, soy, mushroom, and onions in a super 19-gram juicy and thick vegan meat patty. The product will mimic the taste and texture of an original beef burger patty. Similarly, the No Chicken patty will employ vegetable protein and will come with a crispy golden crumb layer to retain the texture and taste of a chicken burger.

The No Sausage Roll will retail at £1.19 for a 4 pack and as you can expect will come wrapped in a delicious and flaky and golden vegan puff pastry. And for the summer’s delight, Aldi is also offering a BBQ-friendly Mae’s Kitchen Superfood Burger that will retail at a tag of £1.29 for a 2 pack. The power-packed burger will stuff items like cous cous, butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, red pepper, and sweet potato into a mouthwatering treat, reports Vegan Food and Living.

In Response to the Growing

 Managing Director of Buying at Aldi- Julie Ashfield said in a statement sent to Vegan Food and Living that apart from these launches, the company seeks to increase their vegan offering ‘even further’ in the upcoming time. She added-

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“The launch of our new vegan range is in response to our growing, ethically inspired customer base, looking for delicious alternatives to meat and another example of our ongoing commitment to cater for all diets, at everyday low prices.”

Julie Ashfield via

Aldi hosts a vast range of vegan products ranging from a variety of meats, dips, plant-based milk, vegan ice-creams, vegan mayo, vegan cheeses, and many other snacks, starters, and main courses. Which Aldi vegan offering is your favorite? Will you be trying the four new offerings? Let me know in comments.

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