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Trader Joe’s Launched Budget Vegan Drink- Cold Brew Coconut Cream Latte

by | May 20, 2019

A delicious cold brew latte crafted of creamy coconut milk cream just joined the shelves at the US supermarket chain Trader Joe’s. The dairy-free drink is offered at an affordable price and comes in two flavors. Know more about Trader Joe’s newly launched vegan drinks here.

Credit: traderjoesfl/ Instagram

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Dairy-Free Cold Brew Latte Now Available at US Supermarket Chain Trader Joe’s

Spotted first by an Instagrammer @traderjoesfl, the new drink by the US supermarket chain Trader Joe’s comes in two options- Original and Caramel Spice. Trader Joe’s have a number of vegan options, and this ready-to-drink beverage adds to the store’s growing vegan offerings.

Credit: traderjoesfl/ Instagram

The product uses coconut cream and cold brew coffee to derive its delicious taste; along with cane sugar and other natural flavors. Retailing at a rather pocket-friendly price, Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Coconut Cream Latte is available at $1.99, making this delicious vegan offering very attainable.

How Does it Taste?

Credit: traderjoesfl/ Instagram

According to the product review on Kitchn, the original version has a dominant coffee flavor with an equally robust coconut cream flavor. “The sweetness of the coconut cream and the bitterness of the cold brew make an admittedly strange flavor combination,” reads the review. The Caramel Spice offers a pleasant coffee drinking experience thanks to the use of caramel flavor according to the review. The review; however, stated that the original is preferred, but you should try them for yourself to see which suits your taste.

Trader Joe’s Vegan Options

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At Trader Joe’s you can find a satisfactory amount of vegan options. Starting from vegan staples like plant-based meats, milk and vegan cheese, to special offerings like vegan baked goods – you get ‘em all. There’s a selection of vegan cookies like Brownie Crisps, and a whole range of vegan snacks like multigrain pita chips, seasoned kale chips, roasted seaweed with sea salt among many others. Also, you can get your hands on some frozen delicacies like a mushroom medley, vegan tikka masala, jackfruit yellow curry, and ice creams like coconut strawberry ice cream among a wide range of other frozen items.

What do you think about Trader Joe’s new ready-to-drink beverage? Will you try one? If you’re a fan of coconut, you’re sure to love it! Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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