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A Vegan-Exclusive Membership Club Is Set To Open In East London

by | May 22, 2019

For the first time in the UK, a vegan-exclusive, membership-based club is set to open its doors in East London. The club will cater to vegans via membership, and the same will also serve as a co-working and event space. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Continue reading to know more.

A Vegan-Exclusive Membership Club Is Set To Open In East London
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A Vegan-Exclusive Membership Club is Set to Open in East London

BRIGHT Zine is an ethical lifestyle magazine and active proponent of veganism. First released in September 2016, the fully vegan magazine takes pride in their independent journalism. Now, the vegan team behind BRIGHT Zine are ready to manifest their goals by introducing an exclusive private event and co-working club for vegans reportedly opening in June 2019. The wonderful concept features membership limited to vegans and vegan businesses.

Regarding the named ‘BRIGHT CLUB,’ the East London opening can accommodate twenty members at a time, reports Vegconomist. This vegan- exclusive club is one of its kind in the UK, and team BRIGHT hopes to open at more locations in future years.

The plant-based club reportedly seeks to nurture London’s local vegan community by supporting vegan businesses (especially young vegan start-ups). This is achieved through offering a dedicated spot for collaboration with like minds, and thereby helping them thrive. The vegan club is backed by investor BRAN, and BRIGHT will reportedly host other entities such as yoga clubs. Founder of the ethical magazine, Laura Callan, stated-

“As the vegan community has grown over recent years we thought it would be incredible to have a space to nurture the community and support vegan businesses. So the idea of The BRIGHT Club was born!”

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The “BRIGHT’ Store

BRIGHT Zine reportedly also operates a vegan store at Hoxton, East London retailing beautiful vegan lifestyle products and there’s a coffee shop at the same location. The independent-vegan owned business offers all ethical products like coffee, baked goods, and other vegan accessories. The store is open every day from 8am to 6pm.

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Have you heard of another vegan private club? Isn’t this demonstration of the growing value and support for veganism wonderful? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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