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Airlines Urged to Offer Vegan Meals In Flight to Cater Plant-Based Eaters

by | May 7, 2019

In a combined effort by two leading vegan activist organizations- Humane Society International and The Vegan Society have jointly launched a dedicated website to proactively urge airlines to offer vegan meals in flight which, as of now, is dominated by meats, eggs, and dairy. The step has more to it than cater plant-based eaters. Know more here.

The Vegan Society and Humane Society International Coupled to Urge Airlines Offer Vegan Meals In flight
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The Vegan Society and Humane Society International Coupled to Urge Airlines Offer Vegan Meals In flight

Vegans who often travel by air would know the dearth of plant-based offering it has when it comes to airlines. According to The Vegan Society, the current airlines catering industry is reportedly dominated by meat, eggs, and dairy, entailing a straight cut put-off to vegans and flexitarians looking for plant-based options in-flight. To ameliorate the odds, two activist groups have opened, for the first time, a website where plant-based and meat-free eaters can rate the airlines based on the availability of plant-based foods on board flights. The FlyVe website is the first of a kind and is one step closer to proactively requesting airlines to offer standard plant-based options on board.

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The campaign has been launched to encourage airlines to offer vegan meals in flight as one of the other standard (default) options alongside improving the taste, quality, and nutritional value. This request comes after the lack of plant-based options on the flight and thus the proactive request to urge in advance.

For the Greater Good

Speaking about the campaigning to introduce plant-based option as a standard in airlines, Elena Orde, Senior Campaigns Officer at The Vegan Society, said that keeping vegan meals as a standard option in every flights would mean all passengers being given with a more environmentally friendly option to choose from, adding that it would be ‘fantastic’ if airlines embrace the creativity that comes with plant-based food that would be as appealing to everyone as much to vegans.

“We have launched FlyVe to allow us to see which airlines are flying ahead of the curve, and which could do with some extra support when it comes to embracing plant-based options. We encourage any airline to get in touch for advice and training.”

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The launch of the dedicated website has been aimed at the flying industry, notorious for its greenhouse gas emission and the vegan offering can help offset the impact. It is reportedly known that airlines serve as much as one million meals in-flights each year implying the huge amount of carbon emission that can be saved if passengers are actively encouraged to choose plant-based meals on board. The grading system is a call to the aviation industry’s catering to improvise and revive the vegan offering in-flight, considering the positive effect it has on animals, health and environment.

Rate the Way Out

FlyVe website states the importance of vegan food on long haul flights as in “it’s no fun having to make do with only crisps on an eight-hour flight!” It further states-

“After all, it’s not only vegans who enjoy vegan food. Vegetarians, people with dietary intolerances and people of religious faiths may also want to choose the vegan option, along with all of those who simply fancy trying something different.”

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The FlyVe website is open and you can rate your airlines for vegan meals in flight here. For instance, users have rated Emirates as the best airlines when it comes to vegan food on-board. After Emirate’s 4.9 ratings, Turkish Airlines comes next with 4.8 average ratings, followed by Air New Zealand with the same rating as Turkish and Aegean Airlines with 4.6 average and Ryanair with 4.5 ratings. What are your favorite airlines when it comes to quality vegan offering? Share this post with fellow vegans. Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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