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Burger King to Launch Impossible Whoppers Across US By this Year’s End

by | May 3, 2019

To the joys of countless vegans, the ultra-popular American fast-food giant- Burger King, to everyone’s surprise (and glee) debunked the April’s fool anticipation surrounding their Impossible Whoppers. They did launch a truly impossible product (a vegan burger patty that bleeds) amidst pranks played in the date. Now, the next step is one step forward. Know more here.

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Burger King Set to Launch Impossible Whoppers Across US, By This Year’s End

Earlier in April, Burger King announced their collaboration with the unrealistically realistic fake meat maker- Impossible Foods and the launch of their Whoppers. It was a burger that was made in the signature Burger King Whoppers style sans the meat. Instead, it used the burger patty crafted by Impossible Foods that are designed to look, feel, taste and even bleed like a conventional beef burger patty.

Now it comes from multiple reports, the original trial launch by Burger King at only 58 restaurants in St. Louis, the first April launch is reportedly set to extend in a Pan-United States basis. Folks- if you’ve been waiting to the mouth that product that people are so much talking about, behold the watershed moment. Now Burger King is going to launch the Impossible Whoppers nationwide by this year’s end.

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While discussing the initial trials, Chris Finazzo, president of Burger King North America told CNN Business, they want to-

“give somebody who wants to eat a burger every day, but doesn’t necessarily want to eat beef every day, permission to come into the restaurants more frequently,” he told CNN Business.

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The Nation Wide Extension

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According to CNN Business, Burger King has planned to expand the product further into other markets and by the end of this year, and it should be present across the nation in all the 7,300 locations in the United States by this year’s end. This Impossible Whoppers launch reportedly comes after the trial launch doing ‘exceedingly well’ and therefore the plans to test in ‘additional markets’ in the ‘very near future,’ said the company in a statement.

The Future is Plant-Based

Burger King’s impossible whopper comes in partnership with the fake meat maker Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods supplies the burger chain with their beef patty that is absolutely plant-based and crafted with a signature protein called heme, to bring in the taste and texture that has even baffled meat-lovers.

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This planned nation-wide launch in the near future by one of US’s most popular fast food chain heralds the awakening of the masses to a sustainable and cruelty-free future. More and more people are opting for plant-based foods to cater to their health, abstain from killing and being the part of the global environment protection movement harnessing veganism. Burger King’s announcement comes in a month of some incredible venture into the plant-based bandwagon by market players like Del Taco and Qdoba. Just recently, another plant-based meat maker- Beyond Meat has eyed a $1.2 Billion valuation.

With the plant-based alternatives market reportedly set to grow to $6.4 Million by 2023, what is your say on the expanding plans of Burger King? Comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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