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Glasgow Schools Serving Vegan Meals after Human Rights Law Cited

by | May 22, 2019

Sometimes the practice of veganism amongst children could be hampered due to lack of accommodations in places where they spend most of the time, second to home. Say like in schools. Many Glasgow schools, after a legal push by vegan campaigners, will now serve vegan food to children on request. Know more here.

Glasgow Schools Serving Vegan Meals after Human Rights Law Cited
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Glasgow Schools to Serve Vegan Food On request After Legal Citation by Campaigners

It all started after a request from a parent to make vegan foods available in schools was dishonored at an East Renfrewshire district. However, vegan campaigner group ‘Go Vegan World’ challenged the decision with parents by citing Human Rights law, forcing the council to take a U-turn on the initially rejected request, according to media outlet ET. The vegan activist group pointed out that forbidding children from vegan food is a violation of human rights.

Now it comes that the schools in the region are vegan-food friendly. A range of choice of vegan food is now made available to pupils on request across the region, the local authorities confirmed. The legal representative of Go Vegan World group- Barbara Bolton speaking to the local media outlet said vegans have the same legal protection as of those holding a religious belief, adding that “they have the right to live according to their moral conviction.” She said elaborating- “it is wrong to use and kill other animals and they must not be discriminated against.” Barbara added-

“We are working to raise awareness among vegans so they have the information they need to challenge rights breaches, whether that be a failure to provide suitable food in school, hospital or prison, difficulties at work, or challenging indoctrination in school through teaching in a way that conflicts with the vegan philosophy.”

“We are assisting vegans with rights-based challenges whenever we can.”

Barbara Bolton via
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Thanks to their efforts that vegan food is now made available to vegan children upon request. An East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson confirmed that they’ve “worked closely” with parents to reach an appropriate solution, according to reports. They assured that any parents or carer requesting a vegan meal (or any other ‘special’ diet) will be catered to. They were quoted as saying-

 “We provide more than 11,000 meals every day across all our schools and cater for a wide range of dietary requirements, including allergen-free, kosher, halal, celiac and gluten-free options.”

East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson via

As children are dependent on elders, it is beyond doubt reasonable that we stay along their side, when they are so conscious for the greater good. Just recently research pointed out that one in every ten kids in Britain is opting out meat for varying reasons. Majority of which is ethics and environmental concerns. What do you think about the Scotland schools serving a vegan meal on request? Let me know your comment below.

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