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Vegan Kids on the Rise? 1 in 10 British Kids Refuse To Eat Meat

by | May 15, 2019

A pan-nation survey in Britain has shown children’s inclination towards veganism, reflecting some interesting dynamics about children and their innate care and concern for the fellow beings and Mother Nature. Know more about the new study here.

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Vegan Kids on the Rise? 1 in 10 British Kids Refuse To Eat Meat

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Vegan Kids on the Rise? 1 in 10 British Kids Refuse To Eat Meat

A new pan-Britain study found that 10 percent of children falling under the ages of eight to sixteen see themselves as either vegans or vegetarian. At the same time, as much as 44 percent of youngsters are striving to eat less of dairy and meat, reports The Sun. Linda McCartney conducted research among 1500 British children found that 44 percent of the plant-based children ditched meat in the first place because they wanted to be kinder to animals and nature. The rest 33 percent ditched meat because according to them it was good for the planet, the report says.

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However, alongside these wonderful outcomes of an increasing number of children ditching meat for environmental and ethical concerns, it is also found that 23 percent of children claim they go hungry at schools as schools lack vegan and vegetarian options on their menu. What is more alarming, as much as 34 percent of children admitted that when they don’t find anything favorable to eat, they end up spending cash on unhealthy snacks and foods from the vending machines.

The research also showed other dynamics of children choosing a plant-based diet. For instance, 7 percent of children were influenced by meat-free influencers on social media, and 27 percent of children fancied eating meat-free as a try. 19 percent of children preferred plant-based ‘anyways’ among others.

Schools Can’t Keep Up with Meat-Free Demand?

The data of the research finds that schools fail to keep up with the plant-based food trend, with a whopping 77 percent vegan or vegetarian children reportedly claiming they were forced to eat meat at a time, due to lack of plant-based options available to them. Parents (81 percent) also agreed that there is a lack of enough healthy and tasty options for their vegan and veggie kids.

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Vegan Kids on the Rise? 1 in 10 British Kids Refuse To Eat Meat

“We’re seeing a continuous change in attitudes towards food all around the world and it’s amazing that in the UK one in 10 children are now meat-free, with that number growing,” says sensational vegan YouTuber Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, commenting on the findings, adding that “young people really care about the environment and climate change (…)”

Educational institutions should essentially cater to students who are caring for the environment by going vegan. Just recently in the US, a few months back a bill was introduced in California, proclaiming all the schools (K-12) in the state will make vegan lunch available to more than 6.5 million students. Not just this, as per the AB-479, the Healthy Climate-Friendly School Lunch Act, and schools would also receive state funding for serving cruelty-free and climate-friendly lunches.

What do you think about schools having a dearth of plant-based foods for vegetarian and vegan kids? Did your vegan child face similar issues? Let me know your thought in comments.

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