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Planning to Raise Vegan Kids? Here’s A Guide On Cutting Out Meat

by | May 23, 2019

So, as a family, you have decided to make the transition to veganism- Congratulations! Although going vegan immediately from an omnivore lifestyle is possible and many people do it, the most common way to get there is by first becoming vegetarian then transitioning into veganism. And if you’re planning to raise vegan kids, it becomes all the more tricky- to balance taste and nutrition. The good news is it is 100% possible and here’s how.

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Planning to Raise Vegan Kids? Here’s A Guide On Cutting Out Meat

Taking baby steps is perhaps the best way for kids to go vegan, especially when they are in elementary or middle school and have been accustomed to an omnivore lifestyle for so long already. Wondering how to manage cutting out meat? Don’t fear, it’s very easy! (In my opinion, cutting out meat was actually the easiest part about going veg!) Keep reading below to see 5 simple tips on how to successfully cut out meat from your future vegan kid’s diet.

Briefly mention the morals of veganism

Every parent knows that kids love to ask “why” when it comes to most choices that are being made so it’s inevitable that the question will come eventually. When having your kids cut out meat from their diet, it may not be appropriate to explain all of the heartbreaking realities of the meat industry, but you can offer a simplified reason such as- “All animals have feelings and families so eating them isn’t very kind to do.”

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Planning to Raise Vegan Kids? Here’s A Guide On Cutting Out Meat

Use Plant-Based “Meats” to Make Familiar Dishes

What better day and age to live in where vegan have more options to choose from besides beans and tofu? There is an astonishing amount of vegan meats on the market, some that even look freakishly close to the real thing and even taste very similar. Do your kids love burgers? Check -out Impossible burger. So, your kid loves spaghetti? Add in Gardein beefless grounds. Do they love hot dogs in the Summer? Tofurkey has some of the best in the game!

Get creative with your recipes

It may take some creativity to figure out how you’ll replace meat on your family’s dinner plate-especially or kids. Be sure to do some research on fun, new recipes so that you’re not resorting to the same 2 dinners every night. Our website’s recipe section is a great place to start!

Pack colorful, filling, and meat-free lunches for school

While your kid is at school, there’s no way you can helicopter them to be sure that they’re following their new lifestyle but packing delicious lunches that will keep them satisfied all day is a great way to keep them in sync with their no-meat lifestyle. Check-out some yummy and simple kid-friendly vegan lunch recipes here.

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Planning to Raise Vegan Kids? Here’s A Guide On Cutting Out Meat

Don’t make a big deal out of it

Don’t make the mistake of turning your kid vegan into a high-stress situation. There is a definite balance between making your child aware of this new lifestyle and hyper-sensitive about it! Make cutting out meat seem normal and like it isn’t a big deal. This will make your kid much less stressed about the change and it will help prevent future guilt if they were to accidentally make a food mistake.

How did you begin your kid’s journey to veganism? If you haven’t yet, which of these tips will you be using? Let me know in the comments below.

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