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Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas to Pack for Your Kid’s Field Trip

by | January 27, 2019

Coat? Check. Permission slip? Check. Lunch? Falling short of ideas for what to pack! If that’s you struggling to figure out easy vegan lunches to pack for a field trip, this article is for you. Keep reading for some easy lunch ideas for your kid’s next picnic or field trip.

Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas to Pack With Your Kid On A Field-trip
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modifiable easy vegan lunch ideas to pack for your child’s next field trip

Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas to Pack for Your Kid’s Field Trip

Going on field trips are some of the most enriching experiences for your children to partake in, whether it be to an exploratorium, an art museum, or a sporting event. Making sure you send your child off with a delicious and nutritious lunch will ensure that they have a stress-free experience, especially if all their other friends are planning on bringing Lunchables with them. Having a bento box will make packing lunch the most space-efficient but any reusable container will do just fine (preferably one with compartments.) With these lunches, don’t forget to pack water in a reusable container such as a Hydroflask or a Swell!

Here are two modifiable easy vegan lunch ideas to pack for your child’s next field trip.

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This is Not PB&J

The first of our easy vegan lunch ideas to pack for a field trip is a twist on the classic PB&J sandwich. For a healthier and tastier take, you’ll need a vegan bread (I like the Trader Joe’s sprouted multigrain bread), a creamy spread, and fresh fruit. Although delicious, peanut butter isn’t the absolute best thing for our bodies. With a healthier alternative such as sunbutter or almond butter, you can replace the “PB” of the sandwich. To replace the jelly, thinly slice fresh fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries to lay across your spread of choice. Instead of wrapping in plastic that will just be tossed out, either slice into fours and place in the largest compartment of a reusable container or wrap in a more eco-friendly paper lunch bag. Serve with a handful of Skinny Pop popcorn, a clementine, and some sliced vegetables with dip.

This is Not Sushi

With this “sushi” based lunch, you will need a tortilla, cucumber, bell pepper, hummus, and a leafy green of your choice. Begin by laying your tortilla flat and spread a generous amount of hummus on the open side. Only on one side of your tortilla (try to take up no more than a fourth of available space), line thinly sliced cucumber, bell pepper, and your leafy green. Carefully begin to wrap it as if it were a burrito, just don’t tuck in the tops. Once rolled, slice the “sushi roll” into mini “sushis.” Lay flat in the largest compartment of any reusable container for the best transportation. Serve with a side of either vegan ranch or extra hummus, a bunch of grapes, and some cubed vegan cheese. (Violife makes great blocks and wedges of non-dairy cheese)

What do you usually pack for your children’s field trips? Let me know in the comments below.

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