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3 Vegan Struggle Meals That Will Hit the Spot

by | January 22, 2019

Three best vegan struggle meals when the budget is tight!

Sometimes, money can get a little tight. When I was in university, I ate from a very short menu of “struggle meals”; none of which were the best. However, after trial and error in my very small studio apartment, I’ve perfected the art of making vegan meals on a tight budget that don’t suck because sometimes, “it be like that.” Here are three vegan struggle meals you can modify to enjoy on any budget. Enjoy!

vegan struggle meals
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3 Vegan Struggle Meals That Will Hit the Spot

Dressed-Up Ramen

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Ingredients: dried ramen noodles, frozen vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, lemon, soy sauce, Sriracha, salt and pepper

With ramen, you can do endless combinations for either how simple or complex you would like to be. With a few basic seasonings and sauces added in, you can make this a truly filling and savory dish that will take away the monotony of ramen. With frozen vegetables reheated then added in you can make this a more nutritious late-night dinner.

Filling Chili

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Ingredients: canned or dried black beans and pinto beans, chunky tomato sauce, frozen or canned corn, salsa, yellow onion, cumin, salt and pepper

If you have cheap produce markets or food pantries available, you can add in fresh mushroom, tomato, or any other vegetables for an even heartier chilli. This meal can easily be bulked up by serving over rice, potatoes or with a side of toast. To make this dish even better, with a freezer-safe container, you can cook this in buk, freeze, and heat it up as you’re ready to eat it.

One-Pot Basil Pasta

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Ingredients: dried pasta of your choice (I like angel hair), dried basil (Fresh if you have a basil plant! You can get them very cheap at a farmer’s market or you can grow one yourself at home), pasta sauce, spinach, salt and pepper

After cooking your pasta of choice as you normally would, drain the water and add in all remaining ingredients, seasoning to taste. The basil is really what is going to make this meal stand out from other pasta dishes, especially if you can get your hands on anything fresh. Experiment with different kinds of pasta and sauces to change up the overall experience. A good tip for struggle meals is buying whatever vegan-friendly pasta is on sale! Also, making your own pasta sauce in bulk may also be the most cost-effective option for you.

Which of these vegan struggle meals would you eat? Let me know in the comments below.


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