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Couple Blessed With A Baby Girl After 13 Miscarriages

by | June 19, 2019

A woman, who reportedly suffered from 13 miscarriages, finally gave birth to a cute baby girl. Since 2008, Mrs. Worsley and husband Dave have failed to keep a baby beyond a few weeks, but after medical interventions by a fertility expert, the couple finally celebrated the joy of having baby Ivy. She is nothing short of a miracle, considering the odds she fought even after birth. Keep reading to know more about Ivy and her family’s story.

13 miscarriages
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Couple Blessed With A Baby Girl After 13 Miscarriages

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After 13 Miscarriages, Couple Gives Birth to Miracle Baby Girl Ivy

Mrs. Worsley mourned the loss of her first pregnancy back in 2008. After the consecutive loss of their second and third pregnancies, they realized something was wrong, the BBC reports. After trying to conceive, as advised by doctors, they eventually faced yet another miscarriage for the fourth time.

Mrs. Worsley and her husband Dave were then referred to the Biomedical Research Unit at University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire to Professor Siobhan Quenby. There Laura Worsley was diagnosed with having ‘Antiphospholipid Syndrome,’ a.k.a ‘sticky blood syndrome;’ a condition which reportedly makes the blood abnormally thick due to an abnormality of the immune system. Reoccuring miscarriages are reportedly one of the consequences, according to Better Health.

Laura’s pregnancies reportedly didn’t last more than a few weeks. In 2015 and 2017, they lost two boys, despite those pregnancies lasting beyond 12 weeks. “I don’t know how I coped, to be honest,” said Laura. Mrs. Worsley said her husband “stayed strong for her,” but he “really struggled with” the loss of the boys.

However, things were about to change for the good, after doctors discovered Laura was having another issue called Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis (CHI) – a condition which causes the body to reject pregnancy. This was found after her placenta was tested, the BBC reports.

The Miracle Baby Ivy

The couple tried for the last time, reassured by the doctor’s success stories of other patients she helped recover from the same condition. “I told myself, this is the last time I’m doing this,” Laura stated. Medications helped improve the lining of her womb, according to the report. The couple naturally conceived, and finally after 13 miscarriages, baby Ivy was born.

“Even now, nine months on, I can’t believe she’s actually mine,” 35-year-old Laura stated, who is now mother to nine-month-old Ivy. Little Ivy was reportedly born weighing equivalent to a ‘Christmas pie,’ which is approximately 1.7lbs. The baby was so little at birth, her father’s ring was too big for her wrists. Immediately after birth, she was put in the neonatal incubator, and despite the doctors’ warning about her susceptibility to sepsis, Ivy thrived. She was treated for bronchiolitis as well, and after 11 weeks in the hospital, baby Ivy was able to go home.

“I’d read about other people’s miracles, and now I’ve got mine,” Laura said, speaking about her miracle baby. Laura continues to empower women with her story. Whereas many couples would fail to keep the persistence, Laura wants to “give others the hope and strength to carry on even when things seem impossible.”

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