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The World’s Smallest Baby; Born in San Diego at 23 Weeks Finally Goes Home

by | June 4, 2019

She’s a miracle, that’s for sure.

Kim Norby, one of the nurses working with Saybie

In an outstandingly miraculous case, a baby girl named Saybie was brought into this world at only 23 weeks old this past December. Currently, Saybie holds the title of the world’s tiniest surviving micro-preemie, her ranking supported by the “Tiniest Baby Registry” that is run by the University of Iowa. Much to the joy of everyone in little Sabie’s life, after over 5 months in the hospital, she was recently able to finally go home with her family! Keep reading below to learn more about this heartwarming story.

World’s Smallest Baby
World’s Smallest Baby Saybie
Credit: Associated Press

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The World’s Smallest Baby; Born in San Diego at 23 Weeks Finally Goes Home

Little Saybie’s momma went to the hospital after not feeling well and once evaluated was told that her baby had to be delivered at once due to preeclampsia. Preeclampsia, a pregnancy disorder that can start after week 20 of pregnancy where there is an onset of high blood pressure that, if left untreated, can cause eclampsia seizures. Saybie’s mom delivered a baby girl that weighed nearly the same as an apple.

Born a mere 23 weeks into her momma’s pregnancy, initially, doctors warned Saybie’s family that her chances of surviving even past an hour of birth were not good. According to Saybie’s mother, who wants to remain anonymous, “that hour turned into two hours, which turned into a day, which turned into a week”, she mentioned in a video published by Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns.

World’s Smallest Baby- Saybie when she was first born
Credit: Associated Press

Now weighing a much healthier 5 pounds after being born about 5 months ago weighing only 8.6 ounces, Saybie gained health (and weight) in the neonatal ICU, with a sign resting near her crib reading “Tiny but Mighty.”

Micro-preemies can face a number of future risks and a number of micro-preemies don’t survive the first year of life but the mighty and strong Saybie has been challenging that!

Sending a lot of warm thoughts to little Saybie and her family!

What do you think of the World’s Smallest Baby- Saybie’s remarkable story thus far? Do you know someone who has gone through a similar journey as Saybie or her mother? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Steve Jones
    June 6th, 2019 @ 4:52 am

    Surely this article shows you that you shouldn’t be supporting abortion? You do realise that babies exactly like this one are ripped apart while still alive, inside their mothers’ wombs? How is that compassionate? How can any vegan support abortion? Would you support the abortion of baby calves at two months, by dismemberment?

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