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South Korea’s Major Dog Meat Market Is Set To Shut Down

by | June 5, 2019

South Korea is the only known nation on earth that commercially farms pooches for human consumption. Now, Humane Society International and Humane Society Korea have worked with the dog meat sellers to bring the business to a stop. Learn more about it here.

South Korea's Major Dog Meat Market Is Set To Shut Down
Credit: @HSIGlobal/ Twitter
South Korea’s Major Dog Meat Market Is Set To Shut Down

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South Korea’s Major Dog Meat Market Is Set To Shut Down

In a piece of extremely gratifying news from the activist group Humane Society International (HSI), a huge (one of SK’s biggest) market for dog meat, is finally closing in the near future. Closing with it is the torturous fate faced by these pooches, something no fur baby deserves! According to the media outlet People, the Busan- South Korea-based Gupo, the market for dog meat, is operated by 19 sellers. And now the local authorities have come to an agreement with the sellers to bring an end to their business.

dog meat market
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As per multiple reports, the ‘notorious’ dog meat market Gupo sells ‘chilled dog meat’ alongside live slaughter of dogs upon request. But the good news is that all these will finally end, one step at a time. Once the market closes, the government plans to change the area into a public park.

The Compassionate Times

Speaking about the change, a dog-meat campaigner for HSI and Humane Society Korea, Nara Kim, views the changes as “a sign of more compassionate times.” Kim added that the local authorities and market vendors are to be commended for working towards the goal, which is the closure of the business. Last year in November, ‘Taepyeong’ South Korea’s largest dog meat abattoir was demolished, HSI reports. Kim stated in a statement-

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“HSI has been working with dog meat farmers in South Korea for nearly four years helping them close their flagging businesses as more people in the county turn away from dog meat (…)”

Nara Kim via

Changing Times

A survey conducted by Gallup Korea conducted in 2018 revealed that as much as 70 percent of South Koreans said they won’t eat dog meat in the future. “This is the latest crackdown on an increasingly unpopular dog meat trade, and we hope that it inspires further closures in future (…),” Kim from HSI mentioned.

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You will be horrified to know that dogs are electrocuted in South Korea, in other areas hanged to kill, and occasionally even boiled alive. Falling for some common misconceptions about health benefits associated with dog meat, older males usually consume it, reports HSI. We wish the entire business is closed and remains closed forever.

Credit: @HSIGlobal/ Twitter

What do you think about this news? As much as we are happy for the closing down of the dog meat market, it is painful to see that other animals and birds don’t share the same fate- with people grossing out at the mention of eating meat. Aren’t all animals cute? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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