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Vegan Meat Brand Fry’s to Debut in US Grocery Stores

by | June 4, 2019

South Africa-based vegan meat maker, Fry’s, is all set to make their debut in United States grocery retail. Fry’s is already available in the UK supermarket Sainsbury’s, and now consumers in the US will have their turn to enjoy. The vegan company is joining hands with organic grocery store chain Lazy Acres in Southern California. More irresistible vegan foods coming your way! Know more about Fry’s US grocery debut.

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Vegan Meat Brand Fry’s to Debut in US Grocery Stores

Fry Family Foods, also known as Fry’s, is about to be even more accessible. The global food maker is all ready to make their debut in US grocery stores beginning in Southern California. According to the press release, Fry’s ten popular products ranging from American staples to international flavors will be out soon. Products include gluten-free chia nuggets, traditional burgers, sausage rolls, quinoa country roast, flaxseed schnitzels, gluten-free quinoa burgers, roasted butternut balls, gluten-free falafel balls, and battered prawns, and last but no way the least – quinoa stir-fry strips.

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Vegan Meat Brand Fry’s to Debut in US Grocery Stores

All the above-stated Fry’s offerings will be stored in the frozen section at Lazy Acres’ Encinitas store in San Diego County, and then gradually expanding to their other four locations in Southern California by mid-summer 2019. Lazy Acres is a popular organic grocery chain in Southern California. VP of Marketing at Lazy Acres, Joe Ragusa, stated they’re excited to partner with Fry’s plant-based foods. “We are committed to providing our customers with healthy alternatives that fit their lifestyles without sacrificing taste,” mentioned Ragusa, adding “as a community based, natural foods market it’s our passion and mission to bring in new and exciting brands and Fry’s is a valued addition to our stores.”

Both Fry’s and Lazy Acres are committed to the highest quality standards. According to Lori Amos, the founder of a Los Angeles-based Marketing and PR firm, Scout 22 –

“They (Fry’s and Lazy Acres) share top to bottom ethical philosophies—craftsmanship-like quality and a drive to provide products and services that are good for the planet and all its inhabitants.”

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The South Africa-based global vegan meat brand, Fry’s has been in the game since 1991. The Durban food maker just recently introduced a slew of their products in the UK supermarket Sainsbury’s, alongside an existing range already available. “Innovation is in our DNA,” said Fry’s International Marketing Director Tammy Fry. She added mentioning Fry’s is committed to investing in new product development appealing to vegans as well as omnivores.

What do you think about Fry’s grocery debut in Southern California? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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