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Award-Winning Proudly Vegan Wine Brand Officially Launches in the US

by | May 3, 2019

Get ready to raise the cruelty-free toast, as UK-based Proudly Vegan wine brand enters the United States market with few of their plant-based wine offerings that are cruelty-free, from the content to the inks used and glues used in the labeling. Now that’s what assurance is. Know more here.

Proudly Vegan Wine Brand
Credit: proudlyveganwines/ Instagram

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Proudly Vegan Wine Brand Enters United States

The adult-beverage brand from the United Kingdom debuted in the US this veganuary and now the company is set to launch its products in the United States market, says the company in its Press Release. Broadland Wineries, the parent company of Proudly Vegan and a United Kingdom-based international wine supplier launched the brand in 2018 in the UK. The company since then have earned a number of listings in the UK’s leading plant-based restaurant and retailers alongside awards.

Credit: proudlyveganwines/ Instagram
Proudly Vegan Wine Brand Enters United States

The USA launch scheduled this summer is reportedly going to have the company’s vintage range which includes Prosecco, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rosé and Merlot from Chile’s Central Valley.

All Wines Are Vegan?

“There is no reason why vegans shouldn’t enjoy great wine and be 100% confident that the liquid is in line with their diet and lifestyle, without sacrificing quality or authenticity,” says director of Proudly Vegan and Master of Wine Dr. Arabella Woodrow, implying that not all wines in the market are suitable for vegans. She adding that plant-based foods are so diverse when it comes to flavors, they deserve equally good wines to be paired with and at an accessible price point.

It must be noted that some wines use animal products like gelatin, casein, and fish-derived isinglass in stages of winemaking and viticulture process. Purely Vegan comes in aid to offer high-quality animal-product free wines.

Wines You’ll be Proud Of

Wines from Proudly are not only 100 percent plant-based, but they also use certified cruelty-free ink and glue on the labeling. Broadland reportedly decided to introduce 100 percent plant-based wines in the US after reports confirming 600-percent hike in a number of vegans in the last three years alongside 39-percent Americans trying plant-based diets.

Credit: proudlyveganwines/ Instagram
Proudly Vegan Wine Brand Enters United States

“We’re on a mission to prove delicious wine does not require any type of animal product to be used in the production process. Proudly Vegan is a range that is accessible to everyone and supports the ethical and environmental benefits of Veganism. It is registered with The Vegan Society.

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What do you think about a pure cruelty-free, high-quality wine brand coming to the US? Now you can enjoy the great cuisines with a sip of 100 satisfaction. Let me know in comments, what you think.

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