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Vegan Protestors Accused of Leaving Vile Comments Outside Butcher’s Shop

by | June 24, 2019

In a recent incident taking place near Bristol, vegan protestors have been allegedly accused of leaving signs outside the shop of a butcher and even wishing cancer to him and his family. Although not evident if vegans are behind the alleged protest, nonetheless, The Vegan Society has condemned the practice, stating “any extremists are not representative of the movement.” Keep reading to find out.

Vegan Protestors Accused of Leaving Vile Comments Outside Butcher's Shop
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Vegan Protestors Accused of Leaving Vile Comments Outside Butcher’s Shop

Animal rights protestors have been accused of leaving “stomach-turning” signs near a butcher shop called Molesworth Family Butchers. Apparently, protestors left signs wishing cancer on the owner and family according to multiple reports. The butcher, Nick Rapps, 35, believes that he has been targeted by vegan activists since he found the signs within a few hours after the city hosted an animal rights protest, the BBC reports.

The signs, allegedly posted by vegan protestors, read “Cancer on you and your family” and the other read “Rot in hell murdering scum.”

“I can take criticism”

Speaking about the incident, Rapps said that he can take criticism and that he refuses to take the insults. He was quoted as saying-

“The funny thing is, out of all the people they could have targeted,” Rapps said, adding, “I’m probably the one person who is most sympathetic to that lifestyle.”

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He stated that he is “actually a very understanding person” if people want to have a conversation with him about “that side of things,” Bristol Live reports.

Speaking about the vile signs posted outside his butchery, Nick also mentioned that what did turn his stomach was the cancer sign, especially when he already had two young family members dying of it, in the past. “I’ve got quite a young family, so that was a bit much,” Mr. Rapps told about the cancer sing that was posted outside his shop.

“Is there any evidence or proof ?”

However, despite being widely reported that vegan protestors are behind the signs, one activist told Plant Based News that they question the origin of the signs.

“Without having definitive proof about who left the messages, it’s impossible to confirm that they were vegan, or speculate about what they were trying to achieve,” the activist stated, Plant-Based News reports.

The Vegan Society Condemns the Act

The Vegan Society reportedly questioned the origin of the signs too but stated to Plant-Based News that they don’t support any insult towards anyone. The world’s oldest vegan society told the BBC:

“Veganism is based on kindness and compassion, any extremists are not representative of the movement,” they said, adding-

“As much as we sympathize with the activists who allegedly put up the signs, we do not consider this approach to be an effective way to promote veganism as an ethics-driven lifestyle.”

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What do you think about the comments allegedly put up by the vegan protestors? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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