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US Doctors Blast Belgium Doctors Over Their Criticism Of Vegan Diet

by | May 30, 2019

A legal opinion published on The Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium claimed veganism is ‘unsuitable’ for fetuses, children, pregnant and lactating woman, and teenagers among other allegations. But the US doctors have blasted the allegation by the Belgian doctors who recited the long discredited myths associated with veganism. Know more here.

US Doctors Blasts Belgium Doctors Over Their Criticism Of Vegan Diet
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US Doctors Blasts Belgium Doctors Over Their Criticism Of Vegan Diet

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US Doctors Blasts Belgium Doctors Over Their Criticism Of Vegan Diet

According to the Belgian doctors, who’ve filed the legal opinion in the medical journal, subjecting children to a vegan diet is ‘unethical’. According to them, a vegan diet doesn’t have animal protein and the vital amino acids needed to promote healthy growth and prevent health problems in children, the Telegraph reports. This is one from the many other claims, they did.

Countering to the claim, recently, a group of doctors from the Physician’s Committee that is a non-profit group made of more than 12,000 doctors ( and authors of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ) has written to the Belgian doctors denoting their key statements and conclusions were ‘misleading and erroneous,’ not based on scientific evidence, according to a statement.

The American response cites studies from the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, which mentions that a vegan diet is healthy and ‘appropriate’ at every stage of life including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood and so on. It states that a vegan diet “satisfy the nutrient needs and promote normal growth at all stages of the life cycle.”

According to the Belgium doctors’ opinion, a vegan diet is only safe for growing children, as long as they are accompanied by ‘vitamin supplements,’ regular blood tests’ and medical supervision. However, Susan Levin, M.S., R.D. from the Physicians Committee noted that the Belgian academy’s misinformed conclusions could discourage people from using a plant-based diet to stay healthy. The doctor continued saying-

“Studies show that those eating vegan diets get more than enough protein, calcium, iron, and other nutrients. At the same time, just three percent of young Flemish adults are meeting daily recommendations for vegetables.

“Belgians across all age groups also fall short on fiber—an important nutrient found only in plants that can help control weight, lower cholesterol, and even prevent cancer. Health authorities should be encouraging more plant-based foods—not less.”

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A Well-Planned Vegan Diet is “Perfect” for Children and Babies

Before the American doctors’ response to the ‘misleading and erroneous’ claim, animal rights organization, PETA responded to the criticism of vegan diet and mentioned

“What a load of ignorant codswallop!

“Kids, including my own, thrive on a balanced vegan diet, but as with any dietary regime, it’s the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child is getting all the necessary nutrients. And yes, that’s easier to achieve on a vibrant vegan diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, and pulses.”

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Children can Absolutely Thrive on a Vegan Diet

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US Doctors Blasts Belgium Doctors Over Their Criticism Of Vegan Diet

It is not any new that kids thrive on a vegan diet. The American Dietic Association states that “An evidence-based review showed that vegetarian diets can be nutritionally adequate in pregnancy and result in positive maternal and infant health outcomes,” adding that “a vegetarian diet is associated with a lower risk of death from ischemic heart disease.”

The recent American response to the Belgian academy’s claim duly noted if any nutrition is not reliably obtained via a vegan die pattern would be vitamin B12, they noted, adding the same is made by neither plants nor animals, but by bacterias. The same can be easily obtained by supplements.

For tips read our smart parent’s guide to raising vegan kids.

As long as the right balance of nutrients is delivered, a vegan diet, for sure is one of the best choices. “To deny children a healthier path is indefensible,” President of Physician’s Committee Neal Barnard, M.D. noted. What do you think about the Belgium Doctor’s comment on veganism? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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