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Crispy Southern-Fried Tofu Treat from The Tofoo.Co Launched at Sainsbury’s

by | May 20, 2019

One of the most favored and popular sources of vegan protein, tofu, has an exciting new avatar right at your nearest Sainsbury’s store in the UK. The Tofoo.Co is launching their Southern-inspired crunchy new treat for vegans. Know more here.

The Tofoo.Co's Delicious New Treat Now Available at Sainsbury’s, UK
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The Tofoo.Co’s Delicious New Treat Now Available at Sainsbury’s, UK

The Tofoo.Co on their website, writes honestly about their take on the traditional soy recipe from Japan- tofu, and how their version is special. Starting from the use of one hundred percent organic soybeans to using their ‘secret’ traditional Japanese recipe, they look like masters of their craft. You can grab one of their Southern-fried tofu crispy bites at your nearest Sainsbury’s store in the UK, which just recently launched.

The product reportedly employs the company’s handmade tofu and crunchy crumb that is so tasty it can compete with Southern-fried chicken. Their Southern Fried Bites are made using the traditional Japanese recipe, and the same is also available in a less spicy variation called Wholemeal Chunkies.

Credits: plant.powered.watts/ Instagram

Both are available in a 225g serving. According to the company’s website, all their offerings are free from wheat and yeast, are non-GMO, and are dairy- free. The company told vegan media outlet, Vegan Food and Living, their offering is made by hand, are tasty and organic, and implying folks will be ‘grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato’ while eating their product.

“Perfect for dipping, spicing up a fajita or simply with chips and peas.

“Move over Colonel, there’s a new Sheriff in town. Our Southern Fried Tofoo Bites are ready for a showdown at high noon (or teatime) to lay down the law, wrapped in a crisp crunchy coating.”

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In recent times, UK supermarket Sainsbury’s continues to offer more and more vegan products on their shelves. The UK major retailer a few weeks back added exciting vegan bacon from Vivera that closely mimics traditional bacon, but is absolutely fat-free. Sainsbury’s also houses amazing snacks from Fry’s – like their vegan sausage rolls. Which Sainsbury’s vegan offering is your favorite? Have you tried the Tofoo.Co foods or vegan bacon yet? Let me know in comments.

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