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Spicy Potato Stuffed Vegan Flatbread, Aloo Paratha

by | April 19, 2019

Indian flatbreads are a bunch of foodstuffs that can be very filling. There are many varieties of stuffing that goes into these flatbreads and they become a whole meal themselves. You can simply have it with a dipping sauce and they are quite easy to make. Try out this delicious potato stuffed vegan flatbread recipe this weekend.

Spicy Potato Stuffed Vegan Flatbread, "Aloo Paratha"
Credit: Screenshot of CookingShooking Hindi/ YouTube

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Spicy Potato Stuffed Vegan Flatbread, “Aloo Paratha”

You must learn the art of making this recipe, popularly known as “aloo paratha,” where aloo means potato and paratha is a fried flat bread. Well, don’t worry about the health aspect as this flat bread is prepared with whole wheat flour and not the refined kind. And the calorific value of boiled potato is much less than that of fried, so this recipe is on the medium side of the calorie meter.

You will need some simple but fresh ingredients for this lip-smacking spicy potato stuffed vegan flatbread recipe that can be consumed both as a snack or main meal.

For the filling:

Potato– 2 large, boiled, peeled and mashed.

Grated ginger– ½ tablespoon.

Green Chili– ½ teaspoon (finely chopped)

Chopped parsley– 2 tablespoon

Dried mango powder– 1 teaspoon

Cumin powder– ½ tablespoon

Coriander powder– ½ tablespoon

Cayenne pepper powder– 1/4 teaspoon

Rock salt– to taste

For the bread dough:

Whole wheat flour– 500gm

A pinch of salt

Water as required

Preparation instruction:

The Dough

  • In a bowl, knead the dough with salt and water to a neat consistency. The dough should be smooth from the outside and soft, as well.
  • Start by adding little water at a time to make the perfect dough.
  • Remember, if your dough is not hydrated, it will make dry and hard bread. After kneading the dough, rest it for half an hour.

The Filling

  • Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a pan. Fry the ginger and chili first.
  • Slowly add in the dry spices except for the mango powder. After the raw smell of the ingredients is gone, turn down the flame.
  • After the spice mix is cooled down a bit, add the boiled and mashed potato and the mango powder and mix by hand. The stuffing is ready.

Preparing the Paratha

Credit: Screenshot of CookingShooking Hindi/ YouTube
Spicy Potato Stuffed Vegan Flatbread
  • Knead the dough again to relax the gluten. Then divide the dough into four equal parts.
  • Make round cups to accommodate the filling.
  • After adding the filling, seal the top and make round balls again.
  • Now flatten the ball and slowly and gently roll out the stuffed balls into semi-thick discs.
  • Do not worry if the sides crack and leak the filling. It takes practice to get perfectly round flatbreads with the filling intact. I took years to learn if that’s comforting to know.
  • The last step is to roast the breads on a flat pan. Once the flatbread turns opaque, add in oil and shallow fry it from both the sides. The end product should look golden brown in color with dark brown spots all over.

This recipe is my all-time favorite and is loved by all the non-Indian guests who come to our house. Therefore, I shared this recipe. Hope you liked it. Do try it out and share with your foodie friends. You will love it, I promise. Let me know your thoughts after making in the comments.

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