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Impossible Foods Slams Moms Across America For Their Allegedly Lie-Filled “News Release”

by | May 22, 2019

Impossible Foods, the revolutionary brand behind the decadent and plant-based Impossible Burger, has called out MAA, Moms Across America, for allegedly running a year-long campaign against them. The brand blamed MAA for its ‘skewed agenda’ to spread misinformation about Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods Slams Moms Across America For Their Allegedly Lie-Filled “News Release”
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Impossible Foods Slams Moms Across America For Their Allegedly Lie-Filled “News Release”

Impossible Foods took to the popular blogging site Medium, to issue a statement by Rachel Konrad, their Chief Communications Officer. Through the post, the CCO alleged that MAA has been on a year-long tirade in order to take down Impossible Foods “to push it’s anti-vaccine, anti-GMO agenda to anyone gullible enough to listen.” In their most recent news release titled “GMO Impossible Burger Positive for Carcinogenic Glyphosate”, MAA writes about how Impossible Burgers are genetically modified, are not advertised as such, and apparently has been shown to “cause organ damage in animal studies.” The release ends with MAA writing about how they wonder “if it will be retailers and food brands who continue to expose the public to toxic glyphosate herbicides.”

In a rebuttal statement by Rachel Konrad, the Chief Communication Officer at Impossible Foods, she writes how MMA’s recent news release is “full of lies, anti-science rhetoric and ignorance of basic arithmetic.” Konrad also challenges MAA’s non-profit status, claiming that the company is funded by selling exuberantly priced products not approved by the FDA and by selling consumer data.

Don’t amplify ridiculous propaganda from charlatans. Don’t buy into quackery.

Rachel Konrad/ Chief Communication Officer at Impossible Foods
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In Impossible Food’s full rebuttal titled “The Unofficial Correction of Moms Across America”, Impossible Foods addresses, debunks and reacts to all of the points that MAA have made against their company, proving that the elaborate claims they had made are false.

Impossible Foods has really been pushing themselves into the limelight recently with a lot of great things going on with their company. They are working with the big-name fast-food chain Burger King to bring the Impossible Whopper to USA-based customers and they just announced that they will be working with the pizza brand Little Caesars to include vegan sausage on pizzas in 58 locations.

What do you think about this fiasco between Moms Across America and Impossible Foods? Let me know in the comments below.

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One Response to “Impossible Foods Slams Moms Across America For Their Allegedly Lie-Filled “News Release””

  1. Jeffrey Alexander
    June 1st, 2019 @ 6:43 pm

    Plant based foods are essential and an inevitable outcome given our current unsustainable factory farming. This being said GMO products sprayed with glyphosate are being relied upon by impossible foods. As science confirms plant based is the best solution so will it show glyphosate is horrific for the environment, humans and animals (Bayer/Monsanto just lost their 3rd lawsuit out of 14,000 pending cases 2billion payout due to cancer outcome of glyphosate (roundup) use. What’s interesting is that many of the products that Impossible calls quackery on the moms across America site are backed by incredibly thorough science, human studies and from my research one of the top 5 PhD biomedical engineers in the world. Apparently they are not as up to speed as they portray at least in their thoroughness, research and accuracy.

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