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Britain is Powered More by Sustainable Electricity than Fossil Fuel-Derived

by | June 26, 2019

Britain has upped their game of de-carbonization of energy so aggressively that the whole nation is now powered more by clean sustainable electricity than the same derived from fossil fuels. It has been continuing since the first five months of this year. Since the Industrial Revolution, this is for the first time, Britain is obtaining more power from zero-carbon sources. Keep reading to know more.

Britain is Powered More by Sustainable Electricity than Fossil Fuel-Derived
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Britain is Powered More by Sustainable Electricity than Fossil Fuel-Derived

To what is referred to as the ‘key milestone’ of this year, Britain is powered by more clean or zero-carbon sources of energy than fossil fuels like coal and gas. Such clean derivation of power by Britain is the first time since the Industrial Revolution has taken place in the 18-19th centuries, the BBC reports.

According to National Grid data, as much as 48 percent of energy in Britain within January to May this year was produced by zero-carbon sources. This essentially stands testimony of the boom of solar and wind energy and the decline of fossil fuels based power.

According to metrics from National Grid, the wind energy has shot up from a mere 1% to a substantial hike of 19%, whereas the coal generation has dwindled from 30% to 3% in the past decades, the BBC reports.

Upping the Environment Game

The electricity department was perceived as the easiest sector to start with, in the long run for de-carbonization in Britain. It goes without saying, the adoption of clean energy and sustainable electricity has been surcharged by the need to curb greenhouse gas emission, the culprit of global warming.

The CEO of National Grid, John Pettigrew, speaking to the BBC stated that 2019 is going to be a ‘key milestone’ when it comes to de-carbonization of the energy system. He mentioned there has been ‘real progress’ over the last 10 years in the de-carbonizing the energy source. Pettigrew was further quoted as saying:

“It’s the first time since the Industrial Revolution that more electricity has been produced from zero and low-carbon sources rather than fossil fuels. It’s tremendously exciting because it’s such a tipping point.”

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Indeed a trailblazing declaration by Britain, especially at the wake of such environmental degradations. In February this year, the Vegan Society approved Ecotricity, which became the nation’s first and only vegan electric company. They make energy harnessing the sun and the wind, and their gas reportedly comes from ‘frack free’ gas mills.

A totally vegan hotel opened its door’s in Scotland last month, which runs on Ecotricity. Read our coverage- “FROM FOOD TO FURNITURE: EVERYTHING-VEGAN HOTEL TO OPEN IN SCOTLAND.

What is your opinion on Britain being powered more by sustainable electricity than that from fossil fuels? Comment below.

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