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Beverly Hills Branch of the 150-years-old French Bakery to Go Vegan

by | June 26, 2019

Ladurée Macarons, a French patisserie branch in Beverly Hills, has reportedly decided to go vegan, thereby tweaking their 150 years old legacy. Now, a vegan macron won’t be a distant dream for L.A dwellers. Ladurée’s specified location is set to become fully vegan by this summer’s end.

150-years old French Bakery   Ladurée to Go Vegan
Credit: ladureeus/ Instagram
Laduree turning their iconic macarons vegan in LA

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French macaron shop Ladurée to go vegan at their Beverly Hills outlet by this Summers’ end

According to the media outlet, Bloomberg, the 150-years old French macaron shop, originally from Paris, has gradual plans to introduce plant-based options at many of their branches, globally. Starting with their two-year-old location at Beverley Hills in California, Ladurée had announced the same outlet will be the company’s first one to be veganized by this summers’ end.

After veganizing their Beverly Hills outlet, on September 18, the century-and-a-half years old bakery will reportedly introduce vegan options at their Paris locations too before finally rolling out in roughly 80 other locations globally.

With Chef Matthew Kenney

Speaking about the menu on the French patisserie’s first fully plant-based outpost in California, the menu will be reportedly created by famous plant-based chef Matthew Kenney. Ingredients like coconut oil and almond buttermilk will find usage in the newfound cruelty-free menu. Kenny has authored 13 books and he specializes in plant-based cuisines.

Matthew Kenny, speaking about the decision to go vegan at their LA store, told Bloomberg, “We are not aiming to deviate from the ethos that has made Ladurée a global success. Instead, our focus will be on the reinterpretation of the essence of Ladurée while employing plants toward this objective.” 

The LA-based vegan chef and entrepreneur- Matthew Kenney just recently launched a fully plant-based food-hall in Providence. The Plant City, which is a vegan food-hall concept, differs from his usual food+wine eateries in other places. Instead, his debut Rhode Island location is a 10,000 sq-foot complex, that reportedly juxtaposes five of Matthew’s concepts, under one roof. From mushroom burgers to zucchini lasagna, one-roof, many (vegan) delights.

Since Back in Time

The original patisserie- “salon de thé” was founded back in Paris in 1871 by Jeanne Souchard and husband Louis Ernest Ladurée which now has expanded globally. It used to be the station for Parisian high-society women. Co-president Elisabeth Holder of Ladurée told Bloomberg:

Credit: maisonlaudree/ Instagram

“when I tell them in Paris we’ll have the vegan macaron and the vegan croissant, they at me like ‘OK, what is she saying?’ It’s a revolution.”

Elisabeth Holder via

There are two locations of Ladurée in New York. The Madison Avenue store was their first US opening in 2011 and was followed by a SoHo store in downtown, five-years ago. Have you been to any of the New York locations? What do you think about the L.A store’s decision to go vegan? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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