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Top 5 Energy-Boosting Vegan Foods During Pregnancy

by | June 27, 2019

Looking for some vegan power-food fixes to boost yourself up as you carry the little one inside? There are a ton of foods to help you feel energized during pregnancy, but here we’re suggesting the TOP 5. Keep reading to find out the best energy boosting vegan foods during pregnancy.

Top 5 Energy-Boosting Vegan Foods During Pregnancy
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Energy Boosting Vegan Foods During Pregnancy

For the awesome job women do in bringing forth a new life on earth, Mother Nature has duly made sure that she be provided with all the help she needs to stay active. Here is a short list to help you with the whole-foods, rich in protein, vitamins, and fibers to naturally deal with low energy. These foods will further boost your energy levels.

P.S: Please note that none of the suggestions are by any means replacements for professional medical advice. These are the general. Getting appropriate professional nutritional consultation is imperative.

1. Lentils

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The little plant pellets contain more power than you know. A healthy source of iron, lentils contain soluble fiber giving you a steady supply of energy. Also, lentils are fortified with magnesium and folate. Eat lentils in any way you desire, boiled, souped, in salads and rice dishes, rest assured you will be boosted. According to Parents, pregnant women need 10 extra gram of protein a day. Lentils deliver 15 grams per cup.

2. Mangoes

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vegan foods during pregnancy

The king of tropical fruits delivers king-level energy. The presence of natural fruit sugars boosts your energy and the healthy dose of folate can prevent birth defect, The Bump notes. What is more, the presence of vitamin C in mango enables your body to absorb energy from iron-rich foods like beans. Make a smoothie, have with cereals, the mangoes will do their work while you enjoy. Time to devour some vegan mango halwa or a bowl full of vegan mango shrikhand maybe!

3. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal is loaded with soluble fibers, meaning it will fill you but won’t overfill. It can also help with constipation. The presence of vitamin B makes Oatmeal a natural mood and energy lifter. Oatmeal also helps in managing the blood sugar levels, thereby aiding a fatigued you. Eat oatmeal with soups, or with your favorite plant-based milk with some helping of fruits and see how you’re benefitted.

4. Hummus

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I know, might sound a bit too spoiling, but the truth is, it is energy boosting. The delicious chickpeas, olive oil, sesame seeds, and lemon juice paste has some solid ingredients alongside tasting as good as it is. The Baby Center notes Hummus as a great source of protein, fiber, iron, vitamin C and folate. You might like to dip your favorite vegan bread or some helping of roasted veggies at times.

5. Water; the Hero

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Last, but certainly not the least and probably the hero of all, water is the perfect go-to energy booster during pregnancy. Making sure you’re optimally hydrated is without a second thought the best way to check energy boost.

Fatigue is often the first sign if your body is going low on fluid. Water is the main component of blood, and when pregnant you’re not alone. In the same way, your body is also making liters of amniotic fluid, and The Bump notes that the water a pregnant woman drinks constantly helps replenish the supply of the fluid.

According to the author of Feed the Belly: The Pregnant Mom’s Healthy Eating Guide, and registered dietician, Frances Largeman-Roth, one can drink coconut water infused with mint, lime, lemon or cucumber to suit the tastes. Nonetheless, it is suggested to drink at least 6-8 glasses of waters per day.

There you go, enjoy these energy-boosting vegan foods during pregnancy. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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