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Summer Quick Fix For Vegan Kids: Blueberry and Banana Ice-Cream

by | June 26, 2019

Ice cream is everybody’s favorite and your vegan kids will love it as well. The joy of eating ice-cream in the heat of summer is unbeatable. This dairy-free ice-cream recipe is yet another way to prove that vegan versions of ice cream taste as good as any other. You need some simple ingredients and a lot of patience and love. This recipe is suitable for people who do not have an ice cream churner.

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Summer Quick Fix For Vegan Kids: Blueberry and Banana Ice-Cream

Pro Tip- While freezing, if you can make sure to rest the ice cream tub in a bigger airtight tub bedded with ice and rock-salt, and covered with the same after the ice cream tub is settled, will give you an advantage with texture.


  • A large banana or two medium
  • Organic blueberries: 2 cups and a few more for garnish
  • Dates: ½ cup; pitted
  • Raisins: 1/4th cup
  • Cashews: a few
  • Coconut milk (full fat): 2 cup
  • Almond milk: 1 cup
  • Blueberry essence: a few drops
  • A pinch of salt


  • Refrigerate the banana and blueberry well ahead of time.
  • Boil the coconut milk separately to thicken the consistency further. Keep aside.
  • Soak the raisin and cashew in water for a few hours, as well.
  • Now, in a blender or smoothie-maker, pour in the coconut milk, almond milk and give a nice mix, until foamy.
  • Next, put the raisin, cashew, dates, frozen blueberries, banana, a pinch of salt and the blueberry essence and blend until smooth and creamy. Pour the thick mix into an airtight container or ice cream tub.
  • Put in some chopped blueberries and chopped dates and give a little mix with a spoon.
  • Keep the tub stored in the freezer until the ice cream has started to set.
  • After a few minutes, use a spoon to give a nice scrape and mix to the partially-set ice cream. Smoothen a bit and freeze again.
  • The scraping and re-mixing gives the churned texture to the ice cream. So the more you do, the better it gets.
  • Serve after it is frozen after 3-4 hours, topped with some fresh blueberries.

This simple and delicious vegan ice cream recipe is a must try this summer. It not only provides a nutritious energy boost thanks to the bananas and nuts, but it is tasty as well. Make it, store it, and enjoy anytime you like. Let us know how this recipe turned out for you and your vegan kids.

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