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My Vegan Kids Want to Eat Omnivore- What Do I Do?

by | May 28, 2019

Raising vegan kids can sometimes be a tricky feat and sometimes, there are speed bumps along the way that your family encounters. Even if all seems well, sometimes, your kid may have some underlying doubts about the lifestyle and maybe, they even told you that they want to eat omnivore. As a parent what should you do in a situation like this? Continue below to see 3 major tips on how to what to do when your vegan kid wants to eat omnivore.

My Vegan Kids Want to Eat Omnivore- What Do I Do?
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My Vegan Kids Want to Eat Omnivore- What Do I Do?

Ask about why they want to stop being vegan to help create a solution

The only way to get to a solution is to hear the problem! There are a few common causes of why your kid may want to switch over to an omnivore diet after being vegan for a while. One common reason may be the peer pressure of their friends at school, non-vegan family members, or even the media. Another common reason (which is mostly seen in children who recently made the transition to veganism) could be that they miss certain foods that they used to enjoy. In order to help your children in this situation, you can have a conversation about their feelings as a child and your feelings as a parent concerning the cruelty-free lifestyle in order to guide them back.

Change-up your recipe rotation to keep things interesting and fun

Even the best of us can sometimes get a little bit bored with our recipe rotation, so it’s possible that your children may be getting a little bored as well! Keep things fresh and try out some great, new recipes that will have them missing absolutely nothing! For lunch for picky vegan kids, try out these plant-based mac & cheese cups. Want an epic breakfast? Make some owl oat pancakes topped with maple syrup.

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Find your kid vegan friends that they can connect with

There’s strength in numbers and this rings true for vegans as well! Help encourage your kid to stick with the vegan lifestyle that your household is so passionate about by finding some fellow vegan kids in your community to organize a play date with to make vegan cookies or to do fun, eco-friendly activities together.

Have you ever had an experience where your vegan kid or teenager wanted to eat omnivore? What did you do? What advice would you give to other parents in the same boat? Let me know in the comments below.

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