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by | August 23, 2018

There are innumerable cleaning brands out there that boast things like “clean”, “all-natural”, or eco friendly cleaners so it’s hard to know which products are safe to use and which are not. The most eco-friendly and natural cleaner to use would be a homemade product. I know not everyone is interested in DIY projects but it is extremely easy to make homemade cleaners! Not only do you know the ingredients are safe, you can also help avoid waste by using reusable glass bottles.

To make an all-purpose eco friendly cleaner, I combine water and organic distilled vinegar in a 16 oz glass spray bottle using a 2 to 1 ratio. Then I add 20 drops of lemon essential oil and that is it! It is so easy and you are getting a safe and powerful disinfectant cleanser from the vinegar and essential oil. Other citrus oils (lime, orange, etc) would be a great option too!

If you’re not interested in making your own eco friendly cleaners  but still want to purchase products you can check out some of the following:

Seventh Generation. This brand uses recycled packaging and sustainable sourcing. They have a wide range of eco friendly cleaners and products, from paper towels to glass cleaner to laundry detergent.

eco friendly cleaners

Eco Friendly Cleaners 

Common Good. This company uses sustainable sourcing and something that really sets them apart from other companies is their refillable packaging. The products come in plastic or glass and can be refilled at their refill stations located worldwide! They also avoid synthetic fragrances by using essential oils in their line of cleaning products.

Better Life. This company utilizes solar energy and recycled packaging. They have a variety of cleaners as well as body care products like soap and lotion. You can also purchase larger, refill pack options for your favorite products!

There are many more options out there but hopefully, these brands and products can get you off to a good start using safe and effective eco-friendly products!

Haley Addis

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