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Christina Anstead Shares Hilarious Pregnancy Reveal With Husband- Ant

by | May 27, 2019

Christina Anstead, TV personality and American real estate investor known for “house-flipping”, revealed her pregnancy to her husband, Ant, in a rather strange way that from the outside, is actually hilarious. The pregnancy reveal involved a pregnancy stick test and a cup of coffee. Not very conventional, right? Continue below to learn more about Christina Anstead’s hilarious pregnancy reveal for baby number 5.

Christina Anstead Shares Hilarious Pregnancy Reveal With Husband- Ant
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Christina Anstead Shares Hilarious Pregnancy Reveal With Husband- Ant

Pregnancy reveals are one of my favorite heart-warming things to look at on the internet. Whether the pregnancy reveal happens with the help of fur babies, future older siblings, or a simple card, there are certain pregnancy announcements that may happen a bit less glamorously. Whether it was planned or on accident, not so traditional pregnancy reveals even happen to the best of us.

Christina Anstead’s pregnancy reveals all started with her rushing over to find her husband who wasn’t able to be found, Christina tells PEOPLE in their newest issue. Christina says that she was feeling different so she took a pregnancy test the day after the couple returned from their honeymoon.

Thinking that Ant must have been in the bathroom, Christina acted fast and improvised a unique way to break the news to her hubby. Christina told PEOPLE, “He always makes coffee in the morning, so I just chucked the pregnancy test in the coffee cup, because I didn’t know what to do and I wanted to surprise him, and I ran around the corner.”

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Eventually, Ant came back in order to tend to his morning coffee and was a bit confused upon noticing the surprise he had waiting for him in his coffee mug, thinking that the pregnancy test was actually a thermometer and that the coffee machine might have been broken. Eventually, the reveal happened. Surprise!

Although it’s not quite clear as to whether or not there was coffee in Ant’s cup or not when Christina snuck her positive test in, this reveal seemed like it was surprising enough to have given Ant an energy kick stronger than what his morning coffee would’ve given him!

What do you think of Christina Anstead and her pregnancy reveal to husband- Ant? How did you share the news with your loved ones? Let me know in the comments below.

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