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Exurbe Cosmetics- Fun, Cruelty-Free Make-up!

by | May 27, 2019

Exurbe Cosmetics is a unique, fun, and stunning brand that works in the realm of cruelty-free makeup and vegan beauty. Based in Switzerland, Exurbe Cosmetics delivers 100% vegan products such as nail polish, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, eyebrow gel, powders, and other various face products that will help you have fun with your daily make-up looks.

I tried out a few Exurbe Cosmetics products that I’ve had my eye on and I’m here to share my findings with you! I think that Exurbe Cosmetics is a really innovative brand as far as their marketing and social media presence goes as well as the wide variety of eccentric and daily-wear cosmetics items they provide. Want to learn more? Continue below to see which products I loved!

Cruelty-Free Make-up
Credit: Gabriella Anaya/Raise Vegan

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Exurbe Cosmetics- Fun, Cruelty-Free Make-up!

Lipstick/ Mascara

Overdose Mascara and Clockwork Orange Lipstick
Credit: Gabriella Anaya/Raise Vegan

I tried 3 different face products from Exurbe Cosmetics and spoiler alert, they are without a doubt going to be integrated into many of my future Summer makeup looks!

After completing a simple eyeshadow look, I used the Overdose Mascara by Exurbe Cosmetics, which was actually perfect for someone like me with short eyelashes. The mascara wand was the perfect fit for my small eyelashes so I didn’t end up with a mess of mascara product all over my eyeshadow which happens more often than I would like with larger mascara brushes! I did need to go in for 2 full coats to get the lift and length I look for in a mascara, but once I got there, the product stayed in place all day and didn’t give me raccoon eyes.

Clockwork Orange Lipstick and Casablanca Matte Liquid Lipstick
Credit: Gabriella Anaya/Raise Vegan

The two lipsticks that I tried were perhaps my favorite products by Exurbe Cosmetics. The Clockwork Orange lipstick is so pigmented, beautifully, and it has a shine to it that makes my lips look beautiful and hydrated. The Casablanca matte liquid lipstick was just as pigmented as it looks and although it’s matte, it still stays creamy and non-drying which is a plus.

Nail Varnish

Blueberry Hill (left) and Unicorn Blood (right) Nail Polish
Credit: Gabriella Anaya/Raise Vegan

In addition to a few cruelty-free make-up products, I also got the chance to try out two nail polishes from Exurbe Cosmetics, both of which have the perfect flair to them. The nail polish overall was a win- the polish brushes were a perfect size, the colors dried quickly between layers, and most importantly, they’re fun and are simply perfect for Spring or Summer.

Blueberry Hill is a beautiful, soft purple polish that with only two coats, gave pigmented coverage that lasted for about 10 days before I felt like I had to refresh them. (It is to note, that I did not use a top coat and that I do go to the gym a lot where I am always using my hands)

Unicorn Blood is a stunning, holographic nail polish that I got compliments on everywhere from the grocery store to the café I often go to. Unfortunately, for me and my active lifestyle, Unicorn Blood did not last very long for me and it began to chip about 2 days after wearing it. However, I’m sure that with a proper base coat and a top coat that problem could easily be solved and that only minor chipping should occur!

Unicorn Blood and Blueberry Hill Nail Polishes
Credit: Gabriella Anaya/Raise Vegan

A big thank you to Exurbe Cosmetics for the great cruelty-free makeup products! I will for sure be incorporating these into my make-up arsenal for this Summer and beyond!

Want to learn more about Exurbe Cosmetics? You can connect with them via their website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Don’t forget to use #ExurbeCosmetics to show them what looks you create!

Will you be trying out Exurbe Cosmetics? If you do, be sure to tag us @RaiseVegan on Instagram to let us know what ou think!

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