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Agua Fresca de Sandia- Refreshing Mexican Vegan Watermelon Drink!

by | May 6, 2019

Are you looking for a delicious and iconic warm-weather drink for the whole family the enjoy? Agua fresca de Sandia, perfectly sweet and delicious vegan watermelon drink, is here to save the day!

Aguas Frescas are non-alcoholic Mexican drinks consisting of water, sugar, and a variety of fruit, seeds, or even flowers! One of the most famous variations of agua fresca is horchata (Made from rice, cinnamon, and vanilla (Traditional horchatas are also dairy-free). If you don’t know horchata, maybe you’ve heard of its widely popular alcoholic counterpart, Rumchata. Another one of the most famous takes on agua fresca? Agua fresca de Sandia (made from watermelon!)

Making this drink is super simple, and it is sure to be a Summer staple for you and your family this Summer! With only 3 ingredients required and the possibility to customize it further, this agua fresca is able to be made by anyone. Do you want to learn how to make this fruity vegan watermelon drink? See below to get the recipe.

Agua Fresca de Sandia- Refreshing Mexican Vegan Watermelon Drink
Credit: Pexels

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Agua Fresca de Sandia- Refreshing Mexican Vegan Watermelon Drink


  • 1/4 medium-large watermelon (yields about 6 cups when diced)
  • 3 1/2 cups of cold water
  • 1/3 cup organic cane sugar
  • Ice for serving
  • Optional:
    • Chili powder to garnish
    • Lime to garnish
    • Vodka, Tequila, or Rum to make into an adult beverage


  1. Let the chopped watermelon sit in a closed Tupperware in the fridge until it is fully chilled.
  2. In a large blender, add in the 6 cups of now-chilled, diced watermelon along with the cold water. Blend until you have a smooth, juice-like consistency.
  3. Transfer into a large pitcher and add in the sugar. Mix well. Add more sugar if needed to fit your liking.
  4. Let sit in the fridge for at least an hour to fully cool down.
  5. Serve once cool over ice and enjoy with your warm-weather favorites such as veganized Mexican Elote or BBQ-Glazed Vegetable Skewers to go with your homemade agua fresca de Sandia. You can optionally rim your glass with chili powder and garnish with fresh lime to squeeze into your drink. For adults, you can also optionally booze up your drink with white alcohol of your choice- vodka, tequila, or rum.
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Will you be making agua fresca de Sandia (the vegan watermelon drink)? What is your favorite way to have watermelon? Let me know in the comments below.

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